Does anyone else have this situation - You want folks to be able to Copy content out of a Course/Organization, but you don't want them to be able to Edit/Delete/Create content OR access Grade Center.

For example, I've created some standard sets of instructions for VoiceThread assignments and Blackboard Portfolio assignments.  I would love to be able to add these to our Faculty Blackboard Organization so faculty can not only see them, but also easily add them to their courses.  The only solutions we've tried are (1) creating .zip files using the Export tool which includes only one Content Area that will be added to their course or (2) telling them they can copy/paste.

I don't like #1 because it's a bit cumbersome and I don't like #2 because a lot can get lost in translation (i.e. an embedded video).

I'm aware of the Course Builder role, but that role allows the user to Edit/Delete/Create content.  What I would love is if the faculty member could click the chevron next to the item in Blackboard and the only option that comes up is Copy.  Then, they could copy the content into any course where they are an Instructor.

Does anyone know is this is a thing?  If it's not a thing, could we join forces and make it a thing?

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If you make the documents "read only" it may solve your problem. (There might be more than one way to do it.) I hope this helps.

Did you put in a ticket with the SUNY help desk? During my migration to Blackboard I remember SUNY was able to create custom roles. Not sure if what you want is too custom. 

What if you create a Blackboard course and the only thing in it is the Voicethread instructions. All faculty have access to the course, and they can copy the whole course to their shell. 

Hey Tom,
Sadly, I have the same situation with sharing a course template that got ruined when one of the instructors in it, who was put in there as an instructor merely to copy to template, made changes in the template.

After that, I made a copy of the template (after fixing it) and enrolled the instructors into the copy of the page. That way, they can still copy the course they need to copy and I still have a pristine copy of the course to copy over in case this happens again.



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