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Hello, my name is Shannon Hockwater.  I teach courses in exercise science at Buffalo State.  I am in the Department of Health, Nutrition and Dietetics.  We offer a minor in exercise science.  I own my own dance and fitness studio and am a Master Trainer with the International Sports Conditioning Association.  I am very passionate about dance and fitness as well as teaching!  I am very motivated to see my students be successful in their endeavors.  I always love when students come back to me to thank me for time spent with them figuring out their future education plans or career plans.  I am always happy to write letters of recommendation and help students seek employment in the fitness field. 


I started out teach more of the traditional medical health classes such as class about psychoactive drugs, alcohol problems and personal health, which is my degree specialty.  I had the opportunity to move into the exercise science field a few years ago, which is where my current training and my field experience is.  It is truly my passion.  I am so happy to be able to teach in this field. 

My latest experience in the field is as a Master Trainer.  I spend a great deal of time certifying students to teach group exercise classes, pilates, yoga, kickboxing, agility, performance training, plyometrics as well as to help students earn their personal training certification.  Bridging the gap from certifications to the classroom has really allowed me to go and delve into the entire field of exercise science.  I feel I am really able to fully explain the interaction between the muscles, bones, neural system and all of the energy systems. 

I decided to teach online because I present a lot of information and I think the students absorb it best if they can apply it almost immediately after learning it.  By providing interactive websites and activities to directly apply what is learned, the student’s comprehension is enhanced.   Blended learning helps me do this even more than just a traditional online class.   The students learn in the classroom and apply online.  The blended method lets me put quizzes etc online so that I do not have to waste class time on them or book the computer lab for my class. 

I decided to teach online during the intersession and J term so that students could work and still earn credit.  I have a lot of non-traditional learners with families etc.  Allowing them to work on their own time allows them to give all of their best effort and focus to the class when they can.

I teach kinesiology but do not have access to many models or a gross anatomy lab so most of the students work is already online with interactive websites and labs.  Some courses cater better to online than do others. 

I would like to grow professionally by learning more about what programs are compatible with Black Board so that I can incorporate them into the class.  Ensemble is one example of this.  Ensemble allows my personal training students to submit their practical exams online so I can watch them and critique form, biomechanics and movement description.  

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