Attendance: Is anyone using Qwickly at their school? Does it integrate with Starfish?


I was curious to see if anyone is using Qwickly for attendance at their campus? Does anyone know if it works with Starfish? Are there any other Building Blocks that are new that are being used for Attendance in Blackboard that you have looked at? At Monroe, we are currently using a variety of ways to keep attendance and we are looking to find a consolidated, consistent solution. Here's a little background: 

  • Before we had Starfish, I created an attendance template that was imported into a Blackboard course to keep attendance. This worked as a temporary solution and many faculty are still using it and like having attendance in the Grade Center because you can choose to incorporate points into the overall grade.This was used on as requested basis. Faculty took a training to import it into their Blackboard course. Faculty could download a copy of it at the end of the semester. I am attaching an example of the zip file that a faculty could download into a Blackboard course to record attendance for a 2 day a week class. 
  • After we began using Starfish, we encouraged faculty to begin taking attendance in Starfish. However, it doesn't seem to integrate easily into the Blackboard Grade Center. I have faculty that like the features of Starfish (since it sends flags to the system and notifies the Success Network), however the report is not in an easy to read format. I am guessing there are ways to import it back in the Grade Center, but this would be time consuming. Faculty like having the attendance right within the Grade Center. Now we have to leave the Grade Center and then enter attendance in Starfish in another place. 
  •  If you have used Qwickly, is it worth the money? What are faculty impressions of using it? I like the idea of having a student check in to class. Has anyone used this feature? 

Thanks in advance for any information you may have on this! 

Andrea Gilbert-Instructional Designer

Monroe Community College


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