Hello Everyone,

On our campus we require program coordinators to perform a course observation in on campus classes and we are now looking for something to use for online course observation.  Does anyone have a set of questions or items they look for while doing a course observation for online classes?

Is anyone doing course observations in online classes?  What are you using to do these observations?  Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Best Regards,

Donna Simiele

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I would think something like the OSCQR rubric would work.

The problem is that the OSCQR rubric is for more of an evaluation of course design and not teaching. We need to observer "teaching behaviors" in an online course. This process would correlate with an in class observation but for an online course.


Hi Donna, 

I agree. In my thread that I added yesterday, I added some components in the OLC scorecard that would help with teaching behaviors. 

Hi Donna, 

The OSCQR rubric is great as far as assessing the course design aspect. However; evaluating online courses, particularly asynchronous courses, also involves communication with students, how much and of what quality, as well as knowledge of how the faculty member is evaluating and assessing the students as well as meeting the objectives of the course. Some of those aspects are also covered in the OLC scorecard, particularly the section about teaching methods.

Hi Donna,

I was at the Accessibility Conference @ Alfred State a few weeks ago and Thomas Tobin was a presenter. He has a book that may be helpful to you called: Evaluating Online Teaching: Implementing Best Practices. I had borrowed it from our Teaching Center recently and browsed the content since we are discussing some similar topics on our campus at Monroe. I believe there is a checklist and forms for review. Here is the link from Amazon in case you want to take a look at it: 

Evaluating Online Teaching: Implementing Best Practices

Hope that helps to get you started! 

Andrea Gilbert


Hi Andrea,

Thank you for the information.  Thomas Tobin was the person that prompted this request from us. We saw his webinar that he did with Magna on "Evaluating Online Teaching for New or Veteran Administrators".  This is why I reached out to the COTE community to see if anyone else was doing this and how they are going about the process.





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