Hello everyone,

We are looking for an e-portfolio solution on our campus.  Are there any campuses that are utilizing Blackboards My Portfolio feature.  How is your campus using it?  Does the faculty and students find it user friendly? Can students keep the portfolios after graduation?    Any insight on how this tool is being used on your campus would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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Hello Christina,

We're currently piloting My Portfolios at MCC this semester.  We're using it with our college readiness courses, but the tool is available to all users (the tool has to be available to either all or none of the users in Blackboard).

To address the level of "user-friendliness" - What we did was create a template to help students get started.  Open SUNY can assist you with getting the template set up.  I don't have feedback yet from the students, but we tried to make it as user-friendly as possible.

As far as students keeping their Portfolios after graduation - it depends.  If students can still login to Blackboard after graduation, then they can continue to edit and share their Portfolios.  If not, then they cannot access them.  There are basically 2 options, but I don't love either of them:

  1. Blackboard does allow the student to Export their Portfolio to a .zip file, but it's basically useless.  One would assume that you could Import the .zip into another instance of Blackboard, but you cannot.  What the .zip file contains is basically an offline website.  You would have to unzip the file, then open the offline pages with a browser.  This part of Portfolio is very much not user-friendly.
  2. Alternatively, students can share their Portfolio to an external user (any email address they want) before they graduate.  The link will continue to work, but they will not be able to make any changes to it.  It is a static webpage.

Honestly, the inability to take it beyond graduation is the frustrating aspect of Blackboard's Portfolios, but I do have to say that there are many pros due to it being naturally integrated into the LMS.  For example:

  1. Students can pull in graded Assignments from any course they have access to in Blackboard.  They can choose whether to pull in all of the details of the Assignment (Grade, Instructor Feedback, Rubric, Submission Details, etc.) or only select pieces of it.
  2. Portfolios are easily shared with other users, courses, and organization.
  3. There is a 3rd option for Assignments (besides Individual and Group) that will become activated if you implement Portfolios.  It's called a Portfolio Assignment and it forces the student to either share a Portfolio they already created or to create a new one as their submission for the Assignment.

Finally, I created a module for the faculty at MCC to Import into their courses.  I attached it to this post.  If you Import it into your course it will add an "E-Portfolios" Content Area to  your Course Menu.  It contains instructions for students on how to access, create, and share Portfolios.

I hope this helps!


Hello Tom,

Thank you!  Your response had helped me have a better understanding of the My Portfolio features pros and cons.  It will certainly help our campus make an informed decision on its integration.  



We are exploring the same question here at SUNY Orange.  Not being familiar with the feature, I asked for a demo of Blackboard's E-Portfolios by our Blackboard rep. I appreciate the thorough explanation by Tom Capuano.  The information is very helpful and will allow us to formulate better questions when we attend the webinar.  Blackboard's brief explanation of portability was that the student could take their portfolio with them as a PDF.  I am looking forward to seeing it "live".



I would be very interested in how Bb shows you how to convert the Portfolio into a PDF.  I know that in our instance of the tool, an option to export as a PDF does not exist.  My guess is they are going to tell you to open the Portfolio up in a web browser, then print/save it as a PDF.  That's a bit clunky, though, because we all know that printing from Blackboard can be hit or miss.  The other problem I see with that solution is if your Portfolio composed of more than one page, you can only "print" one page at a time.

Again, these are just guesses.  Please update with what Blackboard recommends.  Thanks!



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