I'm looking for a low-stakes way to get my English 098 and 101 students online, more comfortable with technology, and interacting with each other. I use Facebook personally, but I am playing around with the idea of creating a special account for my classes...especially since my 101s are going to begin with readings about the effects of social media on our lives, relationships, and language. However, I'm worried:


1. Is this just going to be one more thing I have to update, check, and monitor?

2. Should I require them to get online and get an account and interact?

3. What kind of posts would I post? They have reflecting and academic reading & writing to do in class already and on ANGEL...


Does anyone here use fb as a conduit between the brick and mortar classroom and life outside of it?


Thanks in advance,


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Thanks for these great resources. You sure are a fount of information!


Alexandra M. Pickett said:

I read a statistic that suggests that students to not like to mix their Facebook experience with school. Thoughts?? My question is this, if you choose to use Facebook, would they need an account separate from their regular account to participate in class-related activities? Otherwise, how do you wade through the minutiae that gets posted to their walls to get to the posts that are related to the class activities? Then you find out things about your students you wish you didn't know. :-[

My second question is that there are students who are not on Facebook and have no desire to be. Believe it or not, I had students in my course that just finished that were not on Facebook and hate it. I only just got on it myself in the last month or two and I do not let people be my friend or write on my wall (well my one sister and my brother in law - but that is it). I am a digital recluse of sorts I guess. I am trying to envision an instructor forcing someone like me to participate in that venue. Would you make it mandatory for them to get into Facebook? They can always cancel their account after the course I guess.



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