MATH app tools available in or to add to Blackboard ?

What are people using?

Thanks ! 


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Do you mean to draw graphs? Or to write equations?

Drawing graphs, I just use winplot and upload them.

For making equations, I have somethings to say:

  openSUNY's Blackboard has WIRIS installed. So if you click the icon that looks like fx then you can put in math. However, I found it to be buggy depending on your browser. A better way is to use any latex code inside $$ ....  $$ such as $$\frac{\sqrt{x+1}}{2}$$, it will generate the corresponding equations. However, you won't be able to see the rendered equation unless you go to the student's view, if you are using this method.

 Third option is to use mathjax. This will create prettier equations. Since blackboard allows html files, you can write your documents in latex and use something like htlatex to generate html, which can be copy and pasted to the editor. This causes some conflict with WIRIS because both of them use $$.... $$ as an inline math symbol.  If WIRIS catches $$ sign before mathjax does, it will produce that ugly equation of WIRIS. (I just experimented with this but not tried it.)

For the students to post equations, I guess they can use the fx button, but it could be frustrating.

I hope this helped.



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