Now that Google Classroom has API Roster Sync capability should OPEN SUNY allocate resources to fully support this rather than or in addition to supporting BlackBoard

This link was posted by Greg Ketcham:

Isn't this what we have all been waiting for?  Lets think back ten years with all the talk of SLN 2.0. and how this great concept was abandoned in favor or going with ANGEL.

Now it looks like Google is going to hand us what we all wanted with SLN 2.0 on a silver platter.  What we really need is a commitment for OPEN SUNY to support this effort.

It does not make sense to me to dump most of our resources into an LMS like Blackboard when there is now a better and more flexible option being developed by Google.

At the very least, Open SUNY should get behind this to allow us to use the Google functionality that a very closed LMS like Blackboard does not have, and to give us easy and integrated access to this functionality on top of our "official LMS" support.

Am I wrong, am I missing something here?

Your thoughts?

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Nobody has any thoughts on this.

I would love to be able to use Google Classroom at least as an option. We can't even use YouTube, Google+, and other Google products. 

Hi Paul--

The idea of using Google Classroom in certainly attractive, but I think it is WAY to early to decide that it is better than current options. I think Open SUNY is committed to keeping current in the instructional technology market and investigating any good options that present themselves. At this point, I think it is more prudent to wait and see, rather than jump in with both feet. Thoughts?


The resources should be invested into looking into this as an option rather then just jumping in.

My fear is that unless there is a call for doing this, nobody will do the looking.

100% agree.  I think it is really important that we (the SUNY community) really try to stay on top of the LMS and broader learning technology market. If someone (like Google) can do something better/cheaper/safer/faster/ect, then we need to do our research and see if it makes sense. I appreciate you bringing this up and putting it on everyone's radar.


What kinds of things is SUNY doing to see how satisfied the students, instructors, and online learning staff, are with blackboard? I am sure it is hard to tell if people genuinely dislike it, or if they are just uncomfortable with changing from what they know. 

I think this issue is independent of the LMS.  It is a resource that we could use since we all are part of the contract SUNY has with Google.  The idea behind my post is to avoid the situation where each school allocates time and resources on the investigation and possible implementations of Google Classrooms with API roster sync.  

The more schools that express they think this is a good idea for SUNY to investigate, the more likely it will become a priority.

Interesting question, Ian. Open SUNY does conduct a survey of student perceptions, but I'm not sure that LMS satisfaction is addressed. As you mention, I can see this being a very hard variable to isolate.

We do get a fair amount of feedback from campuses through the HelpDesk. We record the issues brought to us by each contact, and look for larger patterns that emerge.  This is not a 'fair and balanced' approach, because people normally only call us when they are unhappy about something. If things are working great, there is no reason to call! 

We also hold 'round table' discussions with SUNY campus instructional designers and Blackboard staff.

In short, we collect a fair amount of anecdotal evidence, but little empirical data.

That being said, please remember that each campus made their own decision about which LMS platform to adopt. Open SUNY has adopted Blackboard Learn for use in our workshops, but several campuses made different decisions. We are definitely interested in satisfaction levels with Blackboard, but it would be a campus-level decision to renew the license or switch to a different platform.  




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