Hello all, 

We are in the process of creating a new online/hybrid version of our Online Course Development course. I know that many of the SUNY campuses have a similar course already in place at their campuses (I saw UB's and Broom's courses at CIT) along with OpenSUNY having the N2OL course.

If your campus currently has a version of a similar course, how you all have your modules structured? How many weeks are your courses? Are they self-paced or facilitated? How many hours do you expect your faculty to engage with the material? Do you include LMS specific training or are your courses more pedagogy focused?

We are currently in the planning stage of how we want to sequence everything and would love to see what other campuses are doing. If it is possible to share an archived version of your course, that would be wonderful.



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Hi Andrea,

     We have been running a course called "Building Your Online Course" or BYOC for short for a couple of years now. The course contains 8 modules and runs 1 week per module. The course is facilitated by myself (Online Learning Coordinator) and an experienced online instructor. The focus is on pedagogy, not the LMS. We use the offerings through our Professional Development Center to help individuals get up to speed on the LMS and the other technologies used. Some of the topics we cover are communication, outlining a course, assessment, interaction, and designing the base of an online course. The course is currently built in ANGEL and I can send you the backup file if you want it. Email me at lisa.melohusky@fredonia.edu if you want a copy.


Thanks! I emailed you. 

If you want to take a look at the Open SUNY COTE N2OL course, we have a section open for observation for anyone interested in looking at how the course is designed. There is no cost. Register here.

Hi Alex. I am already in there. Thanks!

Is this course CC-licensed?

yes and we will be making the course available as a self-serve option. Meaning you can take the course and adopt, adapt and deliver it yourself on your campus. We are still working out how to do that. Some training/orientation will be recommended.

In general, I would recommend that you take the Open SUNY COTE ID certificate program and that you take the N2OL course yourself to see how it is delivered.


We are putting our faculty through N2OL. For us, this course exists, it is excellent and prevents us from reinventing the wheel. I am just finishing it up and I personally was impressed with the training and don't see any reason to have our own training in house.



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