I am looking to see what software other SUNY Colleges are using for online student course evaluations of professors at the end of the semester. I am looking to put together a list what other colleges are using.

Thank you for your help!


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We have been using IDEA survey, but are trying to move to Enterprise Survey. I used ES at my previous university for course evaluations.

I believe SUNY Albany currently uses MyClassEvaluation for end of course student surveys.

At Niagara County Community College we use Smart Evals. The one positive thing with this software is that we can personalize it a little by adding questions specific to our online courses if we choose to do so. Hope this helps!

At Herkimer College, we use a homegrown system where the online form feeds into an Access Database.

At Buffalo State we converted a lot of the departments to Blackboard Enterprise Surveys over the last two years but we've run into a lot of issues due to the bugs that are introduced at every cumulative update. We've also had issues where people have deployed surveys accidentally to everyone (even the ones that weren't supposed to get it) and some of the reports are flat out wrong (example: pie chart summary)

I headed a committee where we evaluated EvaluationKIT, eXploranceBlue, CourseEval. We decided to pilot EvaluationKIT this spring based on features and cost.

It's a very nice product that offers a lot and was easy to integrate. We're going to roll it out and phase the departments into it. I can't wait to get away from Blackboard Enterprise Surveys.

At Rockland Community College, we use a form that was approved by our Faculty Senate and designed by our Office of Institutional Research.

At the University at Buffalo we use SmartEvals. 

Would anyone be willing to share their actual instrument questions with us so we can let our faculty help us develop similar questions?


At Brockport we use a home grown system (that has to change) and we are investigating possible systems this year. I'd also love to hear if you have any strong recommendations about a particular system (good or bad).

We used IDEA when I first started here in 2000 but stopped because of the cost. Although any instrument has limited value, I appreciated that it attempted to differentiate courses, such as my freshman level gen ed required math course versus a graduate course in the major.

I'd be very interested in seeing the instruments as well. 

At the University at Buffalo the course evaluations are managed by the Center for Educational Innovation and is an enterprise-wide service. You can find details of the opperation on our web site including the question sets used. Read more... https://www.buffalo.edu/course-evaluation.html



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