Hi all,

I am looking for an OSQR rubric geared for CE? or the QM CPE Rubric to Develop Non-Credit Online Programs.

Anyone have access?

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The OSQCR rubric currently available is geared toward addressing the design of more traditional online courses, and does not have standards specific to competency based learning. In the new version of OSCQR under development, we are looking to create subsets of optional additional standards that focus on different types of courses that make up some of the diversity of SUNY’s online offerings. Maybe competency based learning is something we should consider adding in the future?


The Quality Matters rubric you refer to is proprietary. We here are Open SUNY are not members of Quality Matters, so we unfortunately do not have access to their rubric.


I’m sure there are other good competency based learning rubrics out there. I found an interesting one online (https://www.westga.edu/~distance/ojdla/spring181/krause_dias_schedl...), but there may be other better choices. Two of the biggest providers of CBL are Western Governors University and Southern New Hampshire University’s College for America. You may want to look at their websites for more information. 

I would be interested in learning what you find out. If you could share what you wind up using, that would be great!


Dan Feinberg

In addition to Dan's comment below, I'd like to add that you can create additional standards on your own OSCQR rubric.  As an open/editable Google Sheet, you can add rows and insert standards on your own in the current version of OSCQR.  We recommend that you do this below the existing standards in order to preserve the dynamic programming (aggregation, action plans, dashboard) for those standards.



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