I am working with a Math faculty member who has dozens of Pencasts in her course.  If you're not familiar with Pencasts, they're suped-up PDFs that play like a video.  The Instructor used some sort of tablet & stylus device and creates a lesson using her own handwriting and voice.  I attached one as an example.

The issue is that if the student is using the Chrome browser, the PDF will open up in the browser and will display as a static PDF.  The PDF needs to be downloaded and opened with Adobe Reader (and only the most recent version).

I feel like I have two options: (1) provide explicit directions for the students to avoid an onslaught of panicked emails or (2) find a way to convert it to a video so that I can embed these into Blackboard.  Unfortunately, I can't find a software solution that will do this.

Has anyone ran into this issue?  Thanks!

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Hi Tom, 

I too was looking for a software solution to convert Pencasts into videos so that I could add captioning to them. Unfortunately, the only solution I could find was to run the videos and record them on a screencast program like Camtasia. I think you're best bet it to post the PDF with instructions to download it and make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader available.

Let me know if you did find an easier solution to convert Pencasts into MP4s or another kind of video.

Thanks for the reply, Martha.  Yes, that is what we ended up doing for the ones she wanted to keep.  We also encouraged her to consider this as an opportunity to redo any that needed updating, which she did.

Sounds good. I understand that the updated versions of the Echo Pen now allow for the PDFs to be played immediately online via Livescribe. Hopefully, that will make it a bit easier.



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