Hi! Welcome to the SUNY Online Teaching Community. Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from. We would love to know about your online teaching and learning experiences and what your specific areas of interest here might be.

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Hi everybody! Thank you so much for accepting me. I'm pleased to join the community and contribute as much as I can.

I'm a young professional that just started in this space. I contribute to Feedback.Tips and Impraise - We also try to help a lot with corporate learning. I'd be pleased to exchange experience. 



Hello, everyone. 

    My name is Shijian Li (or call me "Jeff", an assistant professor of public health at SUNY Old Westbury. Over the past three years at OW, I have been teaching hybrid classes. Online teaching is great, but sometimes also frustrating as the students do not respond well to the discussion questions or are not passionate about some topics. Look forward to the sharing of online experience with fellow instructors.   



Hi - I'm the Associate Director of the new MFA Program in Film. We hope to offer online screenwriting class this spring, and are working with Karen Offitzer to build up an online presence in our film program. Nice to met you!! Magdalene 

Hi everyone,

I am a flamenco dancer, teacher, choreographer and historian. I have an MFA in choreography and performance and a doctorate in dance history from Temple University. I teach flamenco at FIT, and also several other classes that I have written: Dance in New York (a dance appreciation class), History of Ballet and Modern Dance, and Dances of the African Diaspora. It is this last class that I hope to teach online next semester -- I am excited to figure out how to do this!

Look forward to being able to draw from the resources of this community,

K. Meira Goldberg


Greetings all!   It is great to be picking up steam again and rejoining the world of Open SUNY and the COTE community.   In COTE's infancy, I worked with a great group of people to generate a comprehensive COTE inventory of competencies for online teaching and learning.  It was a great collaborative experience to join together efforts for such an endeavor, and I am excited the COTE Community exists because it will provide further opportunity for collaborative efforts across NYS as it relates to online learning. 

I have vast experience in higher education and online learning, working for SUNY Empire for 18 years as part-time faculty and as a professional,  teaching and training adults face-to-face and in the online environment.   While my graduate degree is in the Social Sciences, focusing on Organizational and Interpersonal Communication, I have a great deal of experience and training in the area of online teaching and learning and instructional design and delivery and for the last eight years, I have been  the Coordinator for Instructor Development for online teaching at SUNY Empire's Center for Distance Learning and supporting our large community who teach online.   

In 2011 our faculty development efforts for online teaching were recognized by the Sloan Consortium for Excellence and we continue to enhance and improve our efforts to support over 600 full-time, part-time and adjunct educators to serve our students and provide opportunities for learning success! 

I welcome the opportunity to discuss how to better serve populations who desire access to higher education through a continuously emerging medium such as the online learning environment.  Quality education, enriching and rewarding experiences in teaching and learning are just as obtainable in the online environment as they are in a face-to-face environment.   Effective approaches, design, and delivery are key factors in any educational situation and I look forward to a community of sharing here in COTE.

Hello everyone

As we all know the semester seems to get busier and busier.  I wish I had more time to participat in these forums..

 I have been doing online classes at SUNY Rockland since 2009.  I also do hybrid (blended) classes as well.

I have designed  my classes using the LMS, Angel, for these past few years but come December 31st we are moving to Blackboard so also preparing my classes for that- Oh joy.

I teach cross listed classes  - Business (Management) and Office Technologies.  The course is required for business majors but many other majors take it as an elective.

I have had extensive background in the corporate world before joining SUNY.  I as always an IT person with one foot in the business side. My last position was as Director in a software company. This brings me to my classes - I teach Access (database) with a strong emphasis on management principles. The same goes for Excel.  

I am very focused on Discussion Forums where I can post a business situation and have the students respond. I find this fosters critical thinking and tremendous creativity. They also grade the other students responses.  it works well.

I take full advantage in the summers by taking online courses using Coursea.org. My last class was in U of South Wales, Australia  and was an  online design course (for teachers) - you can access some excellent universities and the courses are well put together. I focus also on psychology - especially social as I integrate that into my classes. Drop me a line if you would like more info.

Best wishes

Ann Durkin

Faculty, Suny Rockland.

I'm so happy to be here at SUNY Plattsburgh. I must confess though, I expected it to be a little colder by now! And I am REALLY excited to be accepted as a member of this community. Alexandra invited me to use this venue to tell you a little bit about myself, so here goes.

First of all, I am a product of SUNY. I started my college career (quite unsuccessfully, actually) at Finger Lakes Community College back in the late 70s. After two year, I still hadn't made it through Freshman English 101, and I decided college wasn't for me. Instead, I joined the Navy, and after a few "adventures at sea," quickly realized college definitely was the way to go. So, I worked to take care of my credit deficiencies, put in 6 years, and went to work in the civilian sector.

It was then that I discovered SUNY Empire State College. I enrolled and worked toward what I have been told was the first BA degree awarded in computer graphic design. The degree served me well, as I worked for (and even owned a couple) design studios and marketing communications companies. But I realized I am never happier than when I am teaching someone how to do something, and I decided to leave the commercial realm and find a job in academia. I came back to ESC to work on my masters degree in arts and liberal studies with a concentration on communication. While I was there, I was lucky enough to work part time as a tutor, and once I received my degree, as a mentor teaching graphic design and communication courses.

For my master's thesis at ESC, I produced a video documentary called Strait Talk: Politics, Propaganda and Perceptions Across the Florid.... As part of the project, I spent a couple weeks filming in Havana and then in Washington, DC. I interviewed politicians, scholars, and locals. The experience changed my life. I took my finished project "on the road" to various community libraries, college campuses, film festivals and art theaters and made a bit of a name for myself as an activist in the movement to normalize relations with Cuba.

Meanwhile, I did a year at Ithaca College as a visiting professor teaching advertising and design before accepting a full-time position at Keuka College in the Finger Lakes region in Upstate New York. I was asked to organize and manage the college's office of distance education, and within 6 months, we were offering 40 GenEd online courses to the college's adult population (as a means to address credit deficits— a problem with which I had some familiarity). A byproduct of that experience was the opportunity to become immersed in instructional design. And while I have no credentials in that arena, my experience in communication arts, as well as the unique experience that Empire State College afforded me by allowing an opportunity to design my own learning contracts (with my mentor's assistance) put me in an excellent position to manage instructional designers and technologists.

Flash forward to April, 2015, and I was thrilled to accept an offer to work as Plattsburgh's Technology Enhanced Learning Unit Coordinator. Managing an incredibly skilled and talented staff, I wake up every morning looking forward to helping faculty leverage technology in order to better meet their student's goals and outcomes.

While all things having to do with teaching and learning interests me, my personal expertise is still in multimedia production. If there is anything unique I can bring to this community, it is probably within that specialty. One of the first new services I am bringing to Plattsburgh faculty is on demand video production assistance for those instructors who want to provide their students with original, multimedia, instructional content. I plan to offer four levels of service: 1) "DO it yourself" (DIY), by which we provide instructors with consultation services in order to help them use commonly available technologies to produce their own "talking head" style clips, 2) Edited "talking heads" where we help them add visual cues, such as bullet point text and graphs, 3) TEL-produced production work, which may include various multi-camera shots, computer graphics and animation, and props and actors, and finally 4) Full-fledged documentary production.

When I'm not working at Plattsburgh, I am buried at home under piles of research for the dissertation I am producing to finish my doctoral program at Union Institute and University. Yes, I realize Union isn't a SUNY school, but it is the school where some of the instructors at Empire who impressed me the most went for their doctorates, so there is still a very viable connection! My dissertation explores the politics of gender representation in utopian literature, and includes a creative component: a sequel to More's Utopia in the form of an original illustrated novel. You may wonder how this project is relevant to my professional work, but I have found throughout my educational career, it's all connected.

I look forward to making those connections and other connections with you!

Follow me on academia.edu

Hi everyone!

  My name is Daniel An and I am an assistant professor at SUNY Maritime College teaching math courses. This coming summer, I will be teaching my first online course (Calculus I) and I am both excited and nervous. I was looking into various resources available in SLN and found out about this website. I hope I can get helpful tips for preparing for the online course.

My hobby is music - I play guitar and piano. I also program in python to do research, teach and make simple games. I run a website for remedial math called 100worksheets.com  The pdf worksheets on the website was made using some python codes I made.


I'm a friend of SUNY reaching out long distance from my home in Portland, Oregon!

I've been collaborating with folks around SUNY for some time around Open Educational Resources (OER) and was honored to be asked to join SUNY's FACT2 OER Task Group working in 2015-2016.

As the “Doorman” at Lumen Learning, I work to invite people into the community of folks using open educational resources—so we can all collaborate to improve student learning, support faculty engagement, and lower the cost of education. Making connections between people, technology and ideas is the passion I've pursued as a longtime, active member of several open learning and technology communities, working with both large educational institutions and young startups. Learn more about me on my blog at http://xolotl.org, or if you really want to get to know me, follow me on Twitter http://twitter.com/xolotl, where I curate lists of #OER people, organizations and technologies.

Director of Digital Instruction and Technology at Keuka College

Working to facilitate better student engagement through improved use of technology. 

Developing Student Learning Outcomes that reflect ISTE standards

Worked to infuse technology into learning for all grade levels from kindergarten through college.

Hello, everyone! 

My name is Laura Harris, and I am the Online Learning Librarian at SUNY Oswego. I'm new to the SUNY system and to New York in general; I moved here from Michigan in January!

I've been working in or with libraries for almost 12 years. I worked for a few state universities in Michigan (EMU & GVSU) before joining Springshare, a company that makes software for libraries. I worked there for the last five years, and it's where I got the majority of my experience teaching online. I did online training on Springshare products as part of my position.

I don't have an extensive background in learning theory, so I have been reading up and trying to learn everything I can about learning, and online learning and teaching specifically. (We have a reading group for Michelle Miller's "Minds Online" here, and I am enjoying that book immensely so far!) 

Students from my Digital Media Class winning an award for most robust social currency! 



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