Hi! Welcome to the SUNY Online Teaching Community. Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from. We would love to know about your online teaching and learning experiences and what your specific areas of interest here might be.

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I am a high school counselor by day and an adjunct professor in the evening at SUNY Brockport in NewYork.  I have been a  high school counselor for 28 years and an adjunct for 12 years.  I teach a course called Mental Health: Mind, Body and Spirit Connection.  A few years ago I was invited to jump on board the online teaching train before it passes me by.  I took the invitation and I have been teaching two sections of the course for the last few summers.

I am currently developing a course called Integrating Spirituality in the 21st Century and I plan on teaching it very soon.  I would like to develop the course for both the classroom in the college setting and as an online course as well.  I am still learning how to navigate the online tools, especially the assessment tools.  I would like to have the students use portfolios for the assessment piece because much of the course involves self- reflection and journaling.

Hi everyone,

My name is Apostolos but I usually go by "AK".  I work as a program manager for an online MA program for the University of Massachusetts Boston.  I am also an adjuct faculty member for the MEd in Instructional Design at the same school.

One of my colleagues forwarded me a COTE email with some upcoming workshops and I was looking for a way to subscribe to COTE announcements which lead me to this community.

I am currently an EdD student at Athabasca University (Canada's Open University, in Edmonton), and I just completed my coursework...now all I need is an approved thesis topic and I am ready for the next stage.  Prior to  joining the EdD program I spent a lot of time in MOOCs of all kinds.  Ever since I got back to formal schooling I haven't had time for MOOCs, but I look forward to returning to them (if they are still around ;-) ), when I am done with my dissertation.

In my free time I like to play games and travel. I also like to collaborate on research projects.

Hi AK!  :) if you sign up as a "Friend of SUNY" you will get our announcements:


:) alex

Thanks for the tip :-) 

Greetings, All,

My name is Celeste Sherry, and currently I am an Adjunct Instructor of English at SUNY Rockland Community College in Suffern, NY. In addition to being faculty, I am also an Instructional Designer in RCC's eLearning & Academic Technology department. I find so much satisfaction in working with my colleagues in designing their new online courses, and I learn a few tricks along the way that I can use in my own classrooms -- both F2F and online!

When I'm not teaching or designing, I enjoy my hobby of Living History re-enacting. I especially enjoy when I help my retired-history-teacher husband Jack as he portrays Benjamin Franklin for historical sites and other forums. Don't we make a pair?!?!?

I've actually been a member of the SUNY COTE Community for almost a year, and thought I'd already posted to the "Who Are You?" forum, but I guess I got a bit sidetracked. Better late than never...

Never too late, Celeste! : ) LOVE the photo!! Beautiful!

Hello all!

I work for Cornell Cooperative Extension here on campus at Cornell University. For the past (many number) of years I have worked with faculty and staff in the development of online courses. We use Moodle as our LCMS. I believe open source has many benefits and am a vocal advocate for Moodle as a LCMS.

Our courses run the gamut from internally focused staff development offerings to public facing courses for beginning farmers, home gardeners and more. We are the first in the U.S. (I believe) to have our course modules approved as valid modules for statewide pesticide applicator re-certification.

My online teaching activities have included courses on using Moodle, Spanish language learning and coding. The greatest challenges we face to the adoption and broad use of online learning are (unsurprisingly) those of digital literacy.

Currently wrestling with digital badging, playful (online) learning and e-portfolios.

Hi All, my name is Shannon Hockwater.  I teach exercise science at Buffalo State College in Buffalo, NY. I teach exercise principles, kinesiology and principles of personal training.  I am a dancer and an athlete.  I have a profound appreciation for dance, sports and performance training.  I have my own dance and fitness studio.  I take on students from Buffalo State as interns at my studio so I can train the next generation!  I use online/ blended teaching in a few of my courses.  I find its easier to present the information in class and allow the students to apply the information and relearn it via another method online. This gives the students time to internalize the information and prepare to apply it.  It saves precious time during the shortened intersessions and summer semesters when I can assign quizzes, projects, labs and exams to be done online.  I am also a fan of the blackboard interface and availability of other programs, such as Ensemble, with which I can integrate into my course materials. I use Ensemble for all of my practical exams.  Its so much easier to view the practical in a computer program where I can replay it as many times as needed, rather than try and remember what was presented.  My biggest interest is in learning how to make my online course better and what other programs I can use with blackboard to help achieve my learning objectives in a more efficient way.  

My name is Pamela Huckabee and I am a newly minted, fresh off the press Instructional Designer in the Center for Instructional Innovation at Tarleton State University (part of The Texas A&M University System) in Stephenville, TX.  We support close to 700 faculty members with an enrollment of more than 13, 000 students.  I just started this position in November 2016 and am eager to learn the ins and outs of Instructional Design.  I am currently finishing up a four course Instructional Designer Certificate program through Online Learning Consortium.

Professional History

I received a BS in Computer Information Systems in 2001 and a MS in Management of Information Systems in 2003 from Tarleton State University.  I taught undergraduate computer classes as an adjunct for a couple of semesters and then was hired as a Programmer/Analyst I for the Tarleton School Leadership Alliance.  TSLA was a small grant and contract funded organization under the College of Education that developed research-based tools and processes for Texas educators.  During my 13 ½ -year tenure at TSLA we developed projects such as:

  • Online Principal Assessment – This month-long process allowed a principal to complete various activities online where a trained, experienced assessor would score them.  They would then meet face-to-face to complete the activities, discuss the identified strengths and areas for growth, and develop a 5-yr professional development plan based on those needs.
  • Learning Management System – My team developed, from scratch, our own LMS.  The idea was to have a set of STEM-based courses that were shared between all the Universities in the A&M System without being tied to their respective student information systems.  Our system had a lot of the traditional features such as message boards, learning modules, chat rooms, gradebooks, etc. as well as customized features that met the specific needs of that project.
  • Online Mentoring System for Novice Teachers and Principals – This is a large system that has really grown and evolved over the years.  It began as a platform to connect new teachers and principals with trained mentors to provide support during the first two years on the job.  Now the program has professional development, hosted chats by content area experts, TExES test preparation, among others.  It is endorsed by the Texas Education Agency and is used in schools and Universities all over the state of Texas.

During my time at TSLA, I went from Programmer/Analyst I to Database Program Manager to Assistant Director and finally for the past seven years I was the director.  Eventually funding dried up for my department and I found myself looking for a new job.  With my experience in technology and education, I was hired as an Instructional Designer.  So far, I really love the work but have been concentrating on learning to use the various programs that we support (Blackboard Learn, Zoom, Respondus, Soft Chalk, Panopto, etc.)  My goal now is to learn all about course design and best practices so that I can help our faculty members design courses that are optimal for our students to be successful. My big soapbox issues are ensuring there is adequate teaching presence in the online environment and helping faculty members create courses that are aligned with well developed Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs).

About Me

I am wife to a Licensed Professional Counselor, mother of a 19-year-old college student that is majoring in Nursing, and personal servant to a beautiful Tabby cat.  I love to cook, read, watch movies, and travel with my family.  We are avid cruisers, just completed our 115th day at sea earlier this year.  

I am also very at home in the kitchen.  I collect LeCreuset cookware and love to make clean, healthy meals. 

Something that might be surprising about me is that I live in a Net-0 home.  That means that we produce more electricity via solar panels than we use each year.  They were first installed in 2010 and have worked beautifully.  I also love to cook in a solar oven on sunny days, winter or summer.


Hello Everyone! My name is Dr. Rehema Underwood, with extensive experience in both online and on-campus teaching. I started my teaching career in 2005 as an adjunct at Tompkins Cortland Community College (TC3)  teaching sections of intro to psychology. In addition to my teaching assignments with TC3, I began teaching online courses in psychology for the University of Phoenix in 2006 to present.

I received my doctorate in organizational psychology from Walden Univerisity in February of 2015, and continue to facilitate for TC3 on an as needed basis, University of Phoenix, and Ashford University where I have taught  college readiness courses. Presently, I Chair for 6 dissertation committees, as well as serve on 10 committees. I participate in various peer-review projects, and have recently published an article on attachment styles and leadership effectiveness: http://journalofleadershiped.org/attachments/article/463/Underwood_...

I learned to appreciate the online environment, and have found it to be a very rewarding experience as I help students overcome their barriers of seeking a degree.


I am an instructional designer at Online@VCU at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. I provide course redesign services to programs that are going online as well as individual faculty who are looking to take their course online. 

I have a background teaching in higher education as well as K12 and have a MS in Education. 

I'm happy to join this group for the specific purpose of learning more about the OSCQR rubric as well as to share ideas and learn from others in my field. 


Hi everyone,

I am finishing my coursework for a Ph.D. in Learning Technologies at the University of North Texas in Denton. I have a BFA in Graphic Design and my dream was to become a Disney Animator, but I found that I enjoyed helping people to learn more than I enjoyed animation. That led me to a position as the Director of Instructional Design and later to a tenured faculty position at a college in NJ. I earned an MA from GW in Educational Technology which gave me the background I needed for my current position as a Learning Specialist at Virginia Commonwealth University. I found myself in this position because I wanted to have an impact on education; I wanted to help teachers learn new techniques for teaching and offer new opportunities for teacher professional development.

I have a love-hate relationship with technology; I sometimes find myself longing for my paintbrush and easel when my computer doesn’t want to do what I’ve told it to do. My research interests revolve around the design of online learning, specifically students’ perceptions and self-efficacy based course navigation, materials, and requirements. I currently work with faculty at the university who are interested in creating or redesigning online course material. I love finding new ways to have students engage with course content, and sharing tips and techniques with faculty to make the courses more interactive. I am in the process of creating a professional development tool for faculty that are just getting started in the online teaching arena, which I hope to pilot over winter break.

I am excited to say that I have a daughter who is a senior this year at James Madison University and a son who is a sophomore at Tulane University. Three adults in college is a crazy adventure but so far everyone has been up for the challenge. When I finally finish my Ph.D. I hope to get back to hobbies like biking, yoga, and reading for fun.




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