Hi! Welcome to the SUNY Online Teaching Community. Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from. We would love to know about your online teaching and learning experiences and what your specific areas of interest here might be.

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I teach Composition and Rhetoric part-time, and am the professional staff assistant for the SUNY New Paltz Composition Program. New Paltz is where I completed part of my undergrad and my English Master's, and where I have been teaching since I was a graduate student (almost 20 years!)  My research interests include composition, gender, body studies, creativity/writing process/mental health, and poetry. 

I have not been certified to teach online but will be teaching hybrid or remote writing courses next semester, and am interested in related resources to enhance my teaching and that I can share with our instructors, as I work primarily to support our Teaching Assistants each semester. 

Hello Everyone,

I am looking forward to the Summit on June 22-26.

I am an older student. I started my college carrier at 45 years of age. To make a long story short.
I have been an Instructional Support Associate since 2011. I am now also an adjunct instructor.

I have been doing on line courses since I started my college career over 10 years ago.

I have two more course for my M Ed. Degree on Education and Technology. That degree is 100% online from the University of Buffalo. I have been at that for over 4 years. Taking one class at a time does that.

With education being in a state of flux. I foresee distant learning as a must as part of the New Normal.
It is also something I am interested in doing. I have gotten to like working from home. So in the future to teach from home. Humm maybe.

Looking forward to talking with everyone.

Russell V. Rittenhouse

Hello everyone:

I am pleased to join everyone in this online teaching community. I am an Associate Professor and Assistant Chair at Middlesex County College where I teach studio art courses. I live in NYC and commute to NJ for my teaching position where I am also the Director of our Center for the Enrichment of Learning and Teaching (faculty position) and work with our eLearning team and faculty to support their teaching. With the shift to online, I am looking forward to learning everything I can to support my own teaching (which is tough for studio classes) and my colleagues. We have always asserted that we can't teach studio courses online, but actually did a pretty good job at it this past spring.

On a personal note, I am an alumna of UB for my BFA and my sons went to ESF and Binghamton so we are big supporters of SUNY. I am looking forward to learning with everyone.

I'm an Assistant Professor of Communication at SUNY New Paltz. I teach strategic and organizational communication and my research centers around community collaborations related to the human dimensions of environmental change and sustainability. I've taught the Intro to Public Relations course online at SUNY New Paltz using Blackboard as well as a Graduate Course on Current Issues in Advertising & Marketing using Blackboard at FDU. I've always taught using an LMS, ecollege and Sakai at Rutgers, Blackboard at SUNY New Paltz and Fairleigh Dickinson, and Canvass at Northwestern. 

I've  used four different LMS' across three different universities! Hmm. 

Teaching in a professional masters program at Northwestern was a sort of blended experience as I housed everything in Canvass and ran reading, assignments, and discussions there. With the Saturday afternoon class used for more discussion, projects, workshops, and some lecture. I'm interested in becoming a much stronger and much more fluent teacher in a fully online environment and developing innovative approaches to blended and online teaching.

I participated in SUNY's COIL workshops over the Spring and have been slowly exploring some possible collaborative teaching and student experiences with the University of Highlands and Islands in Scotland. In this fall's senior seminar in strategic communication, we'll have some faculty and PhD students from UHI deliver some pre-recorded lectures and then do a synchronous Q&A/AMA with my New Paltz students. Then I'll return the favor for them.

I'm interested in best practices, effective guidelines, and innovative teaching approaches in online and blended environments. 

Hello Everyone,  I am hoping to learn how to do an effective class online with a better approach then i came up with.  The virtual Online event held July 22-July 26 was fantastic.  I learned a lot.  I am looking to collaborate more as the fall semester is fast approaching.

My interests besides teaching are Computer Networking and Cyber Security.  

I am a mentor to the Alfred State Pioneer Security Team. 

I have taught as an adjunct for the last 4 years and I am almost done (2 classes) with my Masters in Education in Education and Technology.  



Hello Everyone!

I teach biology at SUNY Ulster and am also chair of the biology department. I have never taught online before. This past spring I needed to convert my face to face courses to remote delivery, as you all had to do as well. It was a traumatic experience. I ended up abandoning lab and doing voice over on my power point presentations. I zoomed a few times just to check in with my students, but I never heard from some after quarantine started. The remote delivery was not great. It felt like a poor substitute for my face to face class, but I was overwhelmed and did the best I could. 

I'm here because I want to do a better job! I'd like to learn how to put together a quality online course. I'm starting at zero and am terrified of the fall as it seems we will likely be entirely remote. 

I am particularly interested in biology labs. The college is short on money and I'm wondering if there are any good online lab resources out there that are cost free (or have a minimal fee).

A little bit more about me: I'm from New York originally, but lived in many other states and in Mexico for many years, where my two sons were born. I love traveling to Latin America and practicing my Spanish and being out in nature. I hike, garden, and due to my need to decompress during the past spring semester, developed a minor addiction to Netflix. (Not a source of pride, but a reality.)

I hope by taking these SUNY courses and Bb training as well, I can do a better job in the fall and put together a class that meets my personal standards, so that I can feel good about it. 

I look forward to chatting with you all and learning about online course design!

Hello everyone!

This is Gozde Ustuner-Kal. I am teaching in the Department of Engineering Technology at Farmingdale State College since 2017. I have taught various online and hybrid courses and recently I am working as an online faculty mentoring incentive at Farmingdale state college to help instructors develop their online course effectively and efficiently as well as helping them to incorporate the best practices in their remote online courses. I am happy and excited to be part of SUNY Online Teaching Community and looking forward learning and sharing new ideas!

Hi everyone. I am a full time math professor at Onondaga Community College in Syracuse, NY and have been here since 2015. Prior to that I taught high school locally from 2007-2015. Teaching is my passion, and I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to join our Center for Teaching and Learning Innovation (CTLI) leadership team as the Coordinator for Equitable Pedagogy along with being a member of the math department. In this role I am mainly responsible for providing training and professional development to faculty for technology and online teaching. We currently don't have a set training program for online teaching, so I am hugely thankful for the resources available here online!

In my spare time (what there is of it), I enjoy road biking, camping, woodworking, crafting, and many other things. My husband and my Goldendoodle, Darwin, are my biggest supporters! Thank you for welcoming me to the group!

Hello!  I am very new to online teaching, and in fact am in the midst of our preparatory course at Fredonia.  We call it BYOC (Build Your Own Course)!  I am planning to teach a course online for the first time this coming summer.  My main areas of interest are counseling and social development.  I am preparing our PSY 391 class, Multicultural Counseling, for online delivery.  I am learning a great deal from so many sources!  I am looking forward to attending the SUNY Online Conference next Tuesday.  

I have been at Fredonia since 2001.  I love teaching and am a Distinguished Teaching Professor.  I received my Ph.D. in clinical psychology at Stony Brook in 1996.  

Hello, my name is Lenora German and I am also very  new to Online Teaching.  I currently work as a Database Specialist here at SUNY System Administration.  I have 42 years with SUNY so far, and looking to teach online teaching in Religious Studies - particularly to help the hearing impaired have online captioning.



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