Hi! Welcome to the SUNY Online Teaching Community. Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from. We would love to know about your online teaching and learning experiences and what your specific areas of interest here might be.

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Greetings, everyone, and thank you for allowing non-SUNY folks to take part in this supportive community!

I currently serve as the online learning librarian (soon to be changed to online learning librarian) at Syracuse University Libraries, and I've been involved with libraries for only a few years. Two of my responsibilities here at SU Libraries are to support students, faculty, and staff involved in nearly two dozen fully online programs (everything from an associate's degree to an online PhD program currently in development) and creating online learning tools for all students, including information literacy and research tools geared towards undergrads and new graduate students. 

I'll also be serving as an online instructor for the first time this upcoming spring, leading a section of a graduate course on library planning, marketing, and assessment. I'm excited for this opportunity not only to work with the students in the course, but also to broaden my understanding of online learning. 

As I mentioned, I'm fairly new to the library and online education worlds, having completed my MS Library & Information Science in 2016 and my MS Instruction Design, Development, and Evaluation and Graduate Certificate in Advanced Studies in Designing Digital Instruction this past spring. 

I believe that online education has great potential, but only when designed with a focus on learner outcomes. As part of these programs, I took approximately 12 online courses, but I would say only two of them were meaningful learning experiences for me. One of the reasons I wanted to join this community, then, was to learn from other, more experienced professionals working in online education. Looking forward to learning with you all! 

Hello Fellow Professionals,

I am an eLearning Multimedia Designer for Mohave Community College. However, I wear many hats. I help online faculty with instructional design and educational technology. I am also an admin of our LMS and several other online educational softwares. Now, I am interested in the OSCAR rubric to help guild course development.  Hopefully I will get to know some of you and look forward to learning from your wisdom and experience.

Hello everyone,

I am the Director of Online Learning at the Community College of Rhode Island (2 years) and spent nearly 10 at a 4 year private with a distinct college for online. The two environments and structures could not be more different. 

I have been engaged with learning as an instructional designer and exhibit developer throughout my career and appreciate evaluating for outcome vs process (students feel your presence vs. posting X # of times).

I am working on implementing an OSCQR-informed course review system and look forward to working with you all.

Karen Bellnier

Hello to the SUNY Online Teaching Community, 

Currently, I am an Associate Professor of Business and Off-site Coordinator for SUNY Delhi. My background with online teaching includes not only teaching for almost 10 years both online and face to face courses; but also includes having completed my MBA and Ph.D. in Business Administration with online programs. I carry with me perspectives of online education from both the teaching and the student side (which is significant in every course I teach). I come from a corporate background and began teaching in Higher Education 10 years ago. The quality and consistency of online pedagogy is a priority for me. I am involved with an Online Teaching Committee through our institution and work towards continued education and key learning's through conferences and the Online Teaching Consortium offerings. 

I have 22 years+ in higher ed administration with community colleges and universities including international campuses. Originally grew up in Ohio; former USMC and former US Department of State Foreign Service Communications Officer. I've lived throughout the world and now in Elmira. Before Elmira College I was with Corning Community College and have great respect for SUNY. Online education, to me, is still in it's infancy and excited to be part of a community with a similar focus. 


Currently I am serving as the Director of Distance Learning at SUNY Polytechnic. Over the past 15 years I have taught several courses in multiple modalities including face-to-face, correspondence, fully online, and in a blended/hybrid format. I have additionally taken several online courses myself over the years.

Before coming to SUNY Poly in 2016, I was Coordinator of Academic Services on Northeastern State University’s Broken Arrow, OK campus for almost 13 years, on the staff of the Center for Teaching and Learning. One high point of my career is having the distinction of working as a crew member on the Oscar nominated animated movie “Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius”.  I started my teaching career after graduating from Central State University, now UCO, at Collin County Community College in McKinney, TX many years ago. I am a 17 year US Army officer veteran with service in both active and reserve units.

Hello Friends! How are you?

I am Margareth, i live in Brazil, my city is Manaus, state Amazonas. I am servant public, i have been a teacher
for 27 years in Education. Currently,
researcher in Online Teaching of the Doctorate Degree at Universidad
Nacional de Rosario-UNR, 9 years with Teacher Trainer in Educational Technology, coordinator the project
Khan Academy in my job and Teacher Online in University.
This year´s my class: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcIByp-Y98Q&list=PLYWZ-osx_5WW1...

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly;
what is essential is visible to the eye"
(The Little Prince)

I LOVE Teaching Online.

Autistic student in Public School

Hi everyone,

I have been the Dean of the School of Education and Professional Studies at SUNY Postdam since June of 2019.  Prior to Potsdam I was a professor and chair of the Department of Policy Organization and Leadership at Drexel University in Philadelphia.  That department is fully online.  Prior to Drexel I did a number of things in Louisiana including directing the Louisiana Virtual School (Louisiana Department of Education), working as a policy wonk for the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, teaching kindergarten, etc etc.  I have taught online for about 15 years now, have developed a lot of online instructors and have designed a ton of courses as well.  Looking forward to collaborating with everyone.  

Hi Everyone,

I have been teaching English courses (transitional, composition, and literature) for over 11 years. I'm currently English Faculty at Mohave Community College in Arizona.

Some of my hobbies include golf, tennis, running, basketball, and vacuuming. I am an avid baseball, college football, and college basketball fan. Now, onto my nerdy side: I have completed several projects and publications involving Frederick Douglass, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Middle English, and poetry. I enjoy reading the newspaper, Old/Middle English, and 19/20th Century American Literature.

Take care,

John Hansen

Hello everyone, 

I'm interested in SUNY Online and being part of its growth and success. My early career focused on developing media content and providing technical support, coaching, and training to faculty working in synchronous distance education. As time moved forward, my assistance was sought more and more from faculty who were either teaching online for the first time, or looking to improve specific aspects of blended and online courses. The overall experiences I've had so far have been rewarding, challenging, and fun. Now I'm at the start of a new opportunity, and I hope to continue to assist faculty and make positive contributions as SUNY Online flourishes. 


Born in Brooklyn, but I've lived all over the place. I've been teaching since 1987, and though I didn't use it for my teaching I started in computers 10 years before that (on a Wang 2200). I've repaired star wheels on IBM 024 keypunches and I ran a BBS back in the day, so I'm ooooolldd. I started teaching with the web around 1995, and worked as a lead online course designer while at IUPUI for three years starting in 2005. I have two Ph.D.s (U.S. History and American Studies) and so of course I've worked in faculty development and instructional design since 2000. I've been fortunate enough to be a board member of the POD Network and the NEFDC, and spent about 10 years POD's official historian. I've served as a lead LMS administrator for two campuses (using Canvas) and now am the founding Director of the Institute for College Teaching at SUNY Cortland. I still teach a graduate course in Higher Ed for Eastern Nazarene College (Teaching with Canvas at Small Colleges), but haven't taught for SUNY yet. You can find out more about me at LinkedIn and Researchgate.

Hello All,

I am currently the Chief Information Officer at NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research & Development Authority). Before that, I directed End-User Services for the NYS Information Technology Services agency, was the CTO for the New York State Bar Association and also worked for twenty years at NYSUT.

I've been teaching since 1993 and moved into the online space in 2010. In addition to my full-time work at NYSERDA, I also teach online async for the University of Maryland Global Campus (10 years) and synchronous for the University of Dayton MBA program and SUNY Albany Informatics.  I also have taught face-to-face at RPI, Siena,  and SUNY Albany in the School of Business and the College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security and Cyber Security (CEHC). 

I look forward to being a part of this online community by participating and learning from others.



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