Hi! Welcome to the SUNY Online Teaching Community. Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from. We would love to know about your online teaching and learning experiences and what your specific areas of interest here might be.

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Hi, Elaine!

Hey, Ginny!

Hello, my current professional role is Distance Education Development Analyst with Loyalist College in Ontario, Canada - near beautiful Prince Edward County wine region. In this role, I do project management, training/professional development for online instructors and I am currently on a working group researching and sand boxing Badging. I am a past part time in class college instructor and have 15 years of corporate learning experience. I participate in my community as the VP, Board of Directors of the Napanee & District Chamber of Commerce. I consider myself a true life long learner and enjoy connecting with other professionals interested in any capacity of developing others. 

Hi Alexandra and everyone,

I teach Psychology, mostly to undergraduates, at the University of Houston-Downtown. I've been teaching fully online classes for a long time. I got interested for a few reasons. One is that this modality seemed like it would meet a need for our kind of student. They're all commuters and it seems like they all have families and full time jobs, and they all want to take a full course load. So since we can't offer enough sections of the courses they need at the various times when they can take them, online seemed like it would help.

Another reason is that, as a psychologist, I'm a follower of B. F. Skinner, and I always appreciated his work toward enlisting technology to enhance learning. I think if he were still teaching today, he might be teaching online.

I also just like the challenge of figuring out how to make online instruction as good as high quality face-to-face instruction. These days I'm really focusing on how to bring active learning to the online classroom. It's quite a challenge, but it's one I enjoy working on.

Despite doing it for a long time, I don't consider myself an expert, at all, in online instruction. I'm always tinkering to make things work better, and I'm always looking for good ideas. That's why I'm here. And if I've picked up anything through the years that could help someone else, I'll be glad about that.

I'd also be interested in collaborating on research about what makes online instruction effective.

Hello Patrick! I am at UHD too, at the Marilyn Davies College of Business.

Hi Sedef. It's nice to discover you. I'll be in touch soon via UHD email. I'm at williamsp@uhd.edu.

Great. Mine is smithse@uhd.edu

Hi everyone,

I'm full time faculty in Binghamton University's English language Institute, and a student at both Albany (nondegree) and Binghamton (MS Student Affairs), but I'm doing the EdD application thing currently, so fingers crossed. My previous studies include a MA in Linguistics in TESOL and I have a SIIM-BA in TESOL and Academic and Professional Writing.

I grew up in an IBM family, so I literally don't remember a world without computers (although I remember the world pre-internet, so odd mix).  Mine just starts in black and orange and is encased in the joys of DOS and BASIC rather than a Facebook era. That being said, I've been adapting technology to the language learning classroom since day one, experimenting and tinkering with programs and social media in the classroom. Currently, I'm developing interactive OCW textbooks for English Language Learners (ELL/ESL/EFL) in writing using Google Slides and Piktochart, because I hate carrying around binders, and love the fact that students can no longer "forget" their work in their room.

I'm interested in learning more about online teaching, as I'm trying to develop a hybrid writing course that could be taught in winterm or summer session.

Hello COTE Community!  My name is Lenora German and I am currently a 37 year employee with the State University of New York's System Administration.  I am also a bonafide SUNY college graduate with my Master's in Information Science from UAlbany, my Bachelor's in English/Rhetoric Communication from UAlbany, and my Associate's degree from Ulster County Community College.

I happen to also be partially deaf from measles when I was a little girl in the 2nd grade, and I have always been interested in technologies that will help to facilitate learning for those who are deaf/hearing impaired, and/or whom have other disabilities.

My expertise is in database/information management - and I designed the Academic Programs Information Network (APIN) for the Academic Programs department at SUNY System Administration.  It remains our legacy system to this day.  I also work with our newer and larger system - the Academic Programs Enterprise System - and my work consists mostly of forensic data research to fix problems, issues within the system.

I have teaching experience in training others in the use of our databases as needed, and I do religious teaching in our church, holding classes for church members of all ages.

I love my job here at SUNY System and now I am looking to obtain a Badge I believe I earned yesterday!  LOL!  Yet, in all seriousness - I am truly interested in online learning and teaching to especially help the hearing disabled and others with disabilities.  

Hi Alexandra,

I am an instructional coach and also an adjunct lecturer.  I have two grown sons, and I enjoy working with college-age students because most of my time during the day is with middle schoolers.
I have been teaching hybrid classes for a while, but this spring I will offer one that is 100% virtual.  I have enjoyed learning about new resources and getting more information to guide my work.

Hello Everyone,

My current role is that of Instructional Designer at SUNY Fredonia. This is a new position for me, as I make a career transition.  I am currently enrolled in a second Master's program through SUNY Albany in Curriculum Development and Instructional Technology.  I look forward to helping faculty design effective online courses!

Edited to add: I am a graduate of SUNY Fredonia where I studied French in the age before computers! But I am happy to be "home". 

Prior to my position at SUNY Fredonia I worked at UB for four and a half years as a Student Services Advisor where my main responsibility was on-boarding and supporting fully online graduate students.

Prior to UB I spent 12 years working in Student Affairs Administration, first in Residence Life and then in Academic Advising. My first Master's degree is in Higher Education Administration

My areas of interest include student engagement online, building online learning communities, and supporting adult learners in an online learning environment.

Happy to be here and I look forward to learning more about online learning, and the best ways to support online faculty.


Hi Laura;

I used to advise CDIT students at SUNY Albany! So nice to see people from SUNY Albany, a place that is so dear to my heart.



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