Hi! Welcome to the SUNY Online Teaching Community. Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from. We would love to know about your online teaching and learning experiences and what your specific areas of interest here might be.

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Hi Sedef,

I am enjoying the CDIT program very much. Like you, I am interested in the theories and research-based practices of online teaching and learning.  I appreciate that I am learning all about them in the CDIT program.

Nice to meet you!


Greetings from Houston!

Here is a little bit about me:)

I am executive director of instruction and faculty development at the University of Houston Downtown's Marilyn Davies College of Business. I began teaching online in 2007 when I was a graduate student at SUNY Albany. This is also when I started delving into the theories and research-based practices of online teaching and learning. In my current position, I am having a hard time finding the time for research and publication, and would love to get back to it again soon. I am open to new collaborations and writing and research partnerships.

I also would like to see what cool things other institutions are doing with online education. Since beginning teaching online in 2007, I have experienced online teaching and learning (as an instructor) at 4 universities: SUNY Albany, UMass Boston, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Lamar University (TX). Currently, at UHD, I am not teaching but I am coordinating online classes and identifying faculty development needs. Prior to my current position, I was assistant professor of teacher education at Lamar University, where I developed the fully online preparation program for ESL teacher certification.

I am excited to connect with old friends (Thanks Alexandra for inviting me to this community) and make new ones while learning more about online teaching!


Hi All!

It's great to be here!

I am Marina Layvand from north Jersey. I've been teaching accounting and business related courses online since 2005 and at Empire State College since 2012. I am interested in developing my teaching practice and learning more about dynamics of distance learning, including behavioral implications for students.

I think this is a terrific space and look forward to learning from and sharing with all of you!!


Hi to Everyone!

        I'm Roxann from Connecticut, an educational learning designer, where I presently am an online learning design experience LXD, coach on the Novo Ed, next gen LMS platform. My e-Learning Instructional Design formal ed is UW.   In Fairfield, CT, a private university, Fairfield U in CT, my tenure was as a library technology specialist and before that, Coordinator of Technology at a private high school. 

I am quite familiar with online learning from three perspectives, a learner, an instructor and a e-learning experience coach.  I am currently writing a micro-course module on mindful experiences  for professionals and non-traditional professionals. My MBSR training will begin at Yale University in April. I also have experience in writing immersive 360-VR webinars for Educuase/NERCOMP. 

You can find me participating weekly in the Future Trends forum hosted by Bryan Alexander, where you can see me weekly on the Shindig platform.

Wearing all three hats, has indeed, given me unique perspectives on the importance of designing relative and engaging courses.   I am happy to be here in this amazing COTE forum!!!  I hope to contribute and also learn from everyone :)

 It is an honor to be here with all of you.

My areas of research interest are in professional and student agency, learning analytics, mindfulness in HE, and immersive 360/VR in HE

Hello every one,

My name is Shatha. I live in Tuscaloosa in Alabama. I am a graduate student in the educational technology program, and hopefully I will graduate this semester in May. My enrollment in a full online program grasped my interest in understanding how instructors can design an effective unique teaching, and overcome learning challenges that students may encounter through the course.  My intention is to join the instructional design field to provide instructors with ideas and skills to help their students succeed.   By joining this community, I believe I will learn more about the field for a better development of a successful learning environment for future students.




My name is Veronika Dolar and I am an assistant professor of Economics at SUNY Old Westbury. I joined the department of Politics, Economics, and Law this past fall and this is my second semester in the SUNY system. This spring I am also teaching my first fully online course and I really enjoy the experience. It is a lot of work, but I think it makes me think a bit more carefully about how and what I teach and has also enhanced my face-to-face teaching.  

I am a big supporter of Open Educational Resources (OER) in order to make my online courses even more accessible to my students. 

I am really looking forward to learning more about successful online pedagogy and share my own experiences. 

Hello from NYC!

I've been teaching at SUNY FIT for 12 years. I teach both face-to-face and online courses and am currently an assistant professor. I always want to enhance my online courses so I am hopeful to learn new tricks and tips from experienced users in this community. 

Hey hey. My name is Lee Pierce (s/h). I am a visiting assistant professor at SUNY Geneseo--just started this year--and have been teaching online for about 8 years (it's what paid the bills while I got my PhD). I am a communication generalist--I teach public speaking, interpersonal, etc.--and my research is in rhetoric and popular political culture. I also teach fitness classes here at the college. This summer I am teaching one of our fundamental courses--Introduction to Interpersonal Communication--online for the first time in a 4-week format and I'm super nervous. I'm also teaching a Professional Presentational Speaking class that is a lot more exciting because we get to dig into graphic design, slide design, vocalics, mediated communication, etc. I've been doing a lot of training recently to make sure all of the technology is accessible and Canvas-interfaced for a streamlined experience for students. My goal ultimately is to eventually get off email entirely as a class because I no longer think that mode of communication fits my teaching and learning goals. Stay woke, Lee

Greetings from greater metropolitan Accord, NY (population 622, more or less). Last night, a bear walked across my front yard. I love it here.

I'm an adjunct instructor at SUNYUlster, teaching freshman English courses and technical writing, in the classroom and online. I'm also a novelist and screenwriter.

I'm exciting (and a bit nervous) about transitioning to OER in my technical writing course in the fall.

It's great to meet you!


Hi everyone ---

A little background about me – I have dedicated my life to the pursuit of education. I am a passionate teacher and learner, and I have always been an active member of the SUNY community. I earned a B.A. in Political Science and a B.S. in Communication at the SUNY College at Oneonta, and an M.A. in Communication from the University at Albany. While completing my Master’s degree, I was motivated to remain in academia and become an integral part of the teaching community through advanced studies in a doctoral program at the University at Albany.

Currently, I am a lecturer at the University at Albany and a doctoral candidate in the Department of Communication. I teach undergraduate courses in public speaking, political communication, and mass communication. My doctoral studies are in the area of political communication, focused on relationship between politics, media and society.

In effort to become a better educator, I have also recently joined the office of Online Teaching at Open SUNY as a media intern. In this position, I have the opportunity to work alongside experts in instructional design and faculty development. I am excited to improve my own online teaching abilities, as well as serve SUNY’s online teaching community through the many services provided by our office. -- Jamie

Hello everyone! I'm Jennifer Albat, an Instructional Designer at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. We are located right across the Mississippi River from St. Louis.

I've been doing instructional design for about 4 years now. I previously worked at a local community college as a faculty secretary and also did some online teaching for the Office Administration & Technology program.

Our team just adopted the OSQCR tool and I'm looking forward to integrating it into our processes. I look forward to learning about other ID teams and how they use the tool.

Hello all!
My name is Devin Torres. I am an Academic Support and Technology specialist at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Although we do not have an online program at this time, I am pursuing my Masters in Distance Education and E-Learning (expected completion August 2019) and have been a DE for majority of my time in higher ed. I am slated to be part of UMUCs Spring Learning series where I will present on effective strategies for developing community driven learning for distance education students. My long term goal is to bring education to alternative learners and those in education deserts.

I look forward to learning from all of you!



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