Hi! Welcome to the SUNY Online Teaching Community. Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from. We would love to know about your online teaching and learning experiences and what your specific areas of interest here might be.

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That was a great workshop you gave on the OSCQR rubric in May at Geneseo. Thank you so much for all your help!

Thanks so much Martha! I'm so glad you liked it!

Have you had the opportunity to use OSCQR yet ... on your own, or with your faculty?

I look forward to hearing about your experiences with the rubric.

Thanks again!

Hi, I'm one of the old timers in SUNY (working on 36 years in academic IT at this point).   Formerly Director of Academic Computing, I've been the Director of SUNY Oneonta's Teaching, Learning, and Technology Center for the last 20 years or so.  I had plenty of experience teaching and taking online courses back in the early days of SLN (Lotus Notes and all that) but have done little recently.  My focus is more traditional academic IT support (clickers, LMS in hybrid and F2F courses, SmartBoards, SaaS stuff like blogs, wikis, Voicethread, etc. )  I'm currently leading an IITG initiative to ramp up a HPC data analysis and visualization environment called VIDIA for all of SUNY.  You can learn more about that at http://vidia.ccr.buffalo.edu.

I hope to stay up on the latest in online learning by keeping close to this community.  I'll probably get more than I give but I'll try to help where I can. 

Hi Everyone! 

I am the Instructional Technologist at Corning Community College. I started in January, after working 3.5 years at Keuka College in faculty support. I help faculty here use our learning management system, Blackboard, as well as teach other forms of educational technology. 

My current efforts include developing standards around online course development as well as assisting with the development of an online student orientation page. Before working in faculty support, I taught English and special education in Dundee and Dryden New York and, before that, I was a newspaper reporter. 

In my spare time I cook, read, write, drive my son to soccer games and play bass in an old timey band with my husband. I 

Hello Everyone,  

I wear many hats - one is at Binghamton University where I have taught as a clinical adjunct specializing in gerontology and disability social work practice for the last 3 years -- some of the applications including teaching clinical skills through technologies like Skype to students as well as modeling technology practices for programmatic applications in professional education.  Some of my students assisted me in the Care Management Summit 2014 where we captured a tremendous amount of workshop footage and interviews to use for further online learning with students and professionals.   I am very passionate about applied service learning where there is a blended ability to provide hands-on application as well as online creativity, use and collaborative learning across systems so students and professionals can "bridge" practice.  I just completed a short documentary on Human Investment with another NYU PELC Fellow;  I will be moving my first module online for OERS use soon!   I am also in the process of developing a webinar series for this Fall and Spring 2016.  Bridging students with professionals in the field for workforce development is a focus and interest of mine.  For those interested:   Human Investment Short Film   .  Thanks for the opportunity to share.

Hi all,

I work at Nassau Community College as an IT Manager. I am responsible for Web Systems which include, but are not limited to, the college's Portal, Website, Email as well as Application and Program development. I also oversee NCC's Mobile initiative. I worked for about six years at the Distance Education Office as LMS administrator and Instructional Technology trainer. I continue to provide training to faculty members on the use of the LMS system and best practices for teaching online.

I currently am not teaching online but am very much interested in doing so in the future. I am passionate about learning and with the wealth of knowledge in this community I am sure I can add to my knowledge of online teaching and learning. I am looking forward to learn alot from all of you!


Hi Maryam,

Great to hear from you!


Hi Rob,

It is wonderful to "see" you. How have you been? How is everything going? Still teaching your wonderful classes on Instructional Design. I learned so much in that certificate program.


Hi again Maryam,

Bill Pelz now has the honor of teaching those courses (The COTE Instructional Designer Competency Development Program). I'm so glad you liked them!

I have been working on the OSCQR (Open SUNY COTE Quality Review) rubric ... our own SUNY rubric for online courses/programs.

How about you? The new position (as the title describes it) seems like a good use of your tech/personal/pedagogical skills.  I hope you are enjoying it.


OSCQR sounds like a piece to a bigger plan at SUNY. If I was teaching online, I would totally 'test' the Rubric with my course. Maybe sometime in the future.

I am doing well in the new role and enjoying it. It is different but 'good' different. I continue to provide training to faculty on the LMS and best practices for online teaching and learning. I do miss working with, and on the online programs, on a daily basis and I try to keep in touch with the Online Community through COTE and other avenues.


Hi all.

My name is Brandon Davis-Shannon and I am the new Director of Distance Learning at Cayuga Community College.  Previously, I was Online Learning Coordinator at Cape Fear Community College in Wilmington, NC, Distance Learning Coordinator for the Philosophy Department at Binghamton University, and a philosophy instructor at BU, Cortland College, and Ithaca College.  In my spare time I raise my two daughters and work on finishing my Ph. D in philosophy!

I got into Online Learning through my teaching (my first independent prep was a fully online five-week course) and have focused heavily on online pedagogy and instructional design.  Although all my training has been informal, I've been very lucky to work with designers from major universities and learned a lot in the process.

I'm hoping to develop my skills in design and pedagogical theory now that I'm back in the SUNY system.  I'm especially interested to learn what kinds of things are being encouraged in only courses SUNY-wide and to start using the OSCQR rubric locally.

Hello COTE community!  My name is Tony Contento and I am a visiting assistant professor at SUNY Oswego.  I teach face-to-face classes during the school year and online classes during our winter and summer sessions.  I have been teaching online Biology and Chemistry classes since 2004.  Back then, I was working for Iowa State University.  I have also taught for Colorado State University Global Campus, Colorado's Online University, doing some program and course design work.  Since I was hired at Oswego, I have had the opportunity to design two Biology courses for non-majors.  I also try to use wen-enhancement and hybrid-design in my face-to-face classes, whenever possible.

If you have questions about Online STEM course design or you just want to talk shop, I am here to help.  

I look forward to interacting with you all.

Tony Contento



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