Hi! Welcome to the SUNY Online Teaching Community. Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from. We would love to know about your online teaching and learning experiences and what your specific areas of interest here might be.

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Hello everyone-

I joined Clinton Community College (Adirondacks/Plattsburgh NY area) last August as the Systems and Technical Services Librarian.  I've got a great bunch of coworkers and a supportive director, which has allowed me to implement some very exciting services for our patrons and staff.  Prior to coming to Clinton, I worked for two years at the University at Buffalo in Technical Services managing electronic resources and serials, and for 3 1/2 yrs at MCEER Information Service as an Information Specialist (reference librarian).  I taught in person for three semesters at Bryant & Stratton full time in their Medical Assisting Program (I have a BS Health & Wellness and AAS Medical Assisting with certification). But I really love being a librarian!  I have been a member of NYLA for nearly 10 years, serving in various officer roles in NMRT, and I joined SUNYLA this year to expand my learning opportunities and professional relationships. 


I'm here because I will be developing an online version of our LIB 101 course that I currently teach in person.  I am familiar with Angel, but I look forward to learning tips and tricks to teaching an interactive and enjoyable online course for my students.   


Outside of work, I enjoy spending time outdoors with my husband, kids and dogs (that's Kodi - my chocolate lab in my profile pic).  We just bought a home in the "North Country" and are loving the scenery and wildlife.  I see a pair of bald eagles nearly daily, along with one of their offspring, on my ride into work along the coast of Lake Champlain on Route 9.  I've heard coyotes in the evening and have been told to expect to see a moose and/or a bear anytime.  The view of Mt Mansfield (VT's highest peak) is part of the gorgeous landscape that makes for peaceful commutes to and from work everyday.  Can you tell I'm still new to the area?  LOL.  The thrill of being here just hasn't worn off yet, and I don't think it ever will.  I guess you could say I've found my place and it feels like a dream.  :>)

I'm currently the Director of the TLTC at SUNY Oneonta and have been in "academic computing" for 31 years now.  My undergraduate degree is in Geograpny (1979) and I worked doing computing mapping back in the days of punch cards and line printers.  I became the academic programmer/analyst at SUNY Oneonta in 1980 and have been helping faculty integrate technology into their teaching and learning since those early days of interactive computing.  This history, I think, makes me a bit skeptical about any new shiny thing that comes along, but it also gives me the perspective to keep working hard, listen more than talk, and try things.  I've had many failures and just a few successes when it comes to technologies and learning, but technology can help when thoughtfully done, and supported. 

Communities like this one can make a real difference, which is why I joined. I'm looking forward to the exchange.

Hi everyone,


I am Tom Cavanagh and I am the Asst. VP of Distributed Learning at the University of Central Florida in sunny Orlando. I am also the PI of our NGLC blended learning grant. I usually teach an online class or two each year and always enjoy it. Before coming to UCF I was the Director of Instructional Design and Development for Embry-Riddle Aeronuatical University's Worldwide Online. In my spare time (yeah, right), I enjoy writing and have published three crime novels under my author moniker of Thomas B. Cavanagh.


For more about UCF's Center for Distributed Learning: Online@UCF.


Glad to be here.




I'm Ann Giralico Pearlman ("Just Ann"). I am the Instructional Designer at The College at Brockport in the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching. Some of you know me and I hope to meet others through this forum.

At Brockport, I assist the faculty with online, hybrid and media enhanced course design. This past year I taught a graduate level course titled"Technology for the Classroom" online for the Education Department and a face-to-face undergraduate "Introduction to Video and Audio Production' in the Communications Department.

Similar to others in this group, I am a Fellow for a COIL grant. We are also part of Next Generation grant for Blended Learning.

My goal this year is to expand and refine our training for faculty teaching SLN and Hybrid courses.

Before coming to Brockport, I owned a multi-media video production company that specialized in working with educational institutions. I also was an adjunct faculty member at RIT for many years. I am also a two time graduate of SUNY Empire State College, with a MA in Media Ecology.

I look forward to being part of this group.

Hi, all!

I guess a tardy intro is better than none, so here goes... Currently living in Hanover, PA where Snyder's Pretzels and Utz Potato Chips are made. Yes, the air smells delicious. 

I'm an instructional designer/online faculty with over a decade of experience in instructional design, training, technical writing and documentation, multimedia, audio and video production, basic web design, and transferring face to face elements into an online format. In a nutshell. There's a lot more, but it's early and I'm pre-caffeinated. :)

I also have been exploring the 3D virtual world Second Life since 2006, and was one of the presenters at the first annual Second Life Best Practices for Education and Research. You can find me in-world as Xirconnia Morphett.

Software knowledge includes: Pearson Learning Studio (eCollege LMS), Bb, Adobe Connect, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Captivate, Dreamweaver, iMovie, SoundForge, HTML, etc., etc.

Hobbies include writing, building in Second Life, photography, painting, sketching, blogging, knitting, spinning yarn, weaving, crocheting, making soaps, candles and jewelry, and gardening.

Always up for meeting new friends, so feel free to message me or add me. 

Great to be here, and I'm looking forward to learning from everyone!



I teach computer classes - database, Linux, Perl, PHP and MySQL, etc. - in the Computer Systems Department at Farmingdale.  I have been teaching fully online classes through SLN since 2000.  I am interested in learning anything I can so that I can constantly improve my classes - both the online classes and the face-to-face classes that I teach.  I love learning about new educational technology and how I might use it in my classes.


Hi everyone,

I'm glad to be part of the COTE community!  I'm a full-time psychology instructor at Westchester Community College in Valhalla, NY and have been teaching online for 8 years.  Prior to my position at WCC, I was a full-time psychology instructor at Everett Community College in Everett, WA.  I have a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of California, San Diego.

I have taught online courses in General Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Human Sexuality.  I also teach face-to-face and have taught many blended courses.

Critical thinking is a big interest of mine.  I use discussion forums extensively in my online courses and these assignments are based upon a very specific model of critical thinking developed by the Foundation for Critical Thinking.

Another interest of my mine is how students approach and view online testing and the validity of online testing as measure of student learning, not just for online courses but face-to-face courses as well.  

I love hearing about other instructors' ideas and look forward to learning from you!


Hello All,

I have been involved with the online world for over 20 years.  When I returned to the University as an adult learner I ran into the same problems as most in the early 90s.  I felt there had to be a better way and explore how Australian colleges teaching to outback students did so. I then created and taught the first online course at Plattsburgh (not only Plattsburgh but as a joint course with Western Washington University).  That was the first course taught there and it is still taught today.

Since then I have expanded my knowledge in many ways.  Teaching for multiple universities allows me to develop pedagogical methods based on observed phenomena (cultural, regional and other) that affect learning.  I have taught for SUNY and for private and for-profit universities and learned from each.

I have also worked with a U.S. Department of Education Star Schools Grant program as a consultant to a program designed to bring technology to Native American students and served as a program participant in the e'Gov for All program which was a joint project between the New York Forum and Benton Foundation serving in an advisory capacity to the Clinton/Gore technology initiatives.

I look forward to learning and sharing with everyone.

Hello, all! It's great to have a resource like this for enriching our shared experiences of learning and teaching using online environments. I am a psychology professor at SUNY Sullivan, where I've been since 2004. We're a small college in a rather rural location, so online learning environments really open the door to more students, as well as to new learning experiences for all of us.

I love the mobility and experimental possibilities of online learning environments. How they have changed! When I first began using an online classroom, it was through Lotus Notes (ugh!). Our college moved from that to ANGEL, and now to Blackboard Learn. In addition, I use Moodle extensively in other commitments, so feel 'right at home' nowadays in the online learning spaces.

About two  years ago, I developed a new Psychology AS degree program that was approved by SUNY and NYSED. We'll be starting our second year offering the degree program this fall. Having the ability to cultivate more interest and participation through online venues is a real boon.

I'm very interested in learning more about the experiences of others with Bb Learn and about ways to improve the learning experience online for all of my students. Students in my fully-seated classes have always enjoyed the online support I build into each course, which encourages me to continue learning about new/better ways to help them succeed.

Hello, I am a retired auditor and have been teaching Accounting for the past eight years.  I began teaching in a traditional face-to-face classroom and transitioned to a strictly online environment four years ago.  My degrees are in Business, Accounting, and Finance; my background allows me to bring a lot of real-world experience into my classroom.  Currently, I am teaching at Niagara County Community College in Sanborn, New York. 

As my entire classroom now exists in a virtual world, I am continually searching for ways I can keep my students engaged.   I'm also interested in best practices and experiences shared by my peers that may translate well in my "classroom." 

Dear Cheryl,

I would love to hear how you taught accounting and finance on line.  I'm trying to figure out how to develop small teams of students working together on a spreadsheet to manage a simulated hospital.

What worked for you in terms of engaging students?

Greetings and salutations!

Currently I am an Instructional Multimedia Developer with Open SUNY. As far as my background, I am a Digital Media Professional with over nineteen years of experience creating graphical user interfaces (GUIs), content graphics, 2D animations, concept art, branding, 3D models, and texture maps for: interactive courseware, multimedia training, print, marketing, gaming, and simulation.

Additionally, I have over twelve years of experience as Graphic Design Supervisor and/or Project Lead. Providing full supervision and training of graphic design personnel, as well as directing the production of graphic projects from concept, to design, through final presentation.

I also held a Secret Clearance from 1998-2009. My clearance is currently inactive, but I am clearable should the need arise.

If you'd like to know more, please feel free to check out my links...

Portfolio: http://www.behance.net/EdTiger/frame

Linkedin Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/etiger



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