Hi! Welcome to the SUNY Online Teaching Community. Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from. We would love to know about your online teaching and learning experiences and what your specific areas of interest here might be.

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I'm happy to have found this community.  I'm an associate professor in the School of Public Health at SUNY-Downstate Medical Center in the department of health policy and management.  We've been using blended courses for a while and 2 completely on-line courses, but still have a lot to learn. 

Right now I'm charged with developing online courses in hospital management and related topics.  For me, the challenge is that students need to learn to work in groups to manage simulations of a healthcare center on a spreadsheet, for example. -.  I have no clue as to how best to proceed, but I'm looking forward to learning a lot from the experience of others. 

Hello from Cold Chicagoland! I am the online teaching coordinator at Northern Illinois University. I have a master's degree from the University of Illinois in education. I completed that degree as a fully online student. I work with faculty everyday on their pedagogy, integrating educational technology, or becoming more blended or online in teaching. 

Eventually I would like to get more into teaching online. My latest interests have been in quality standards, I've recently completed 2 Quality Matters courses and getting ready for my third. I designed, developed, and facilitated a MOOC in the fall of 2013 and that MOOC won a Blackboard Catalyst Award as an Exemplar Course. 

Another recent accomplishment, I'm a published author! I wrote a book chapter on Inquiry-based teaching and learning and it was published in December. I do have an extensive background in teaching innovation. Previous to NIU, I was a program director at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy for many years. I had a chance to work on many projects and collaborate with institutions at the state and national level. 

Over the years I've attended and presented at many conferences. I enjoy learning, networking and sharing at these events. I'm looking forward to networking in this community. Thanks! Tracy

Hello everyone,

I am a full-time instructor at University at Albany, SUNY, in the Department of Educational Theory and Practice. I obtained both my M.S and Ph.D. from there and am ecstatic to be full-time faculty now. You might say that I am a child of distance learning as I completed most of my M.S. while living in and teaching English in China.

I have been designing courses and teaching online since 2008.I am somewhat of an experiment in distance faculty as I reside full-time in South Georgia. I attend all meetings and functions (advising, student dissertation defenses, etc.) through either Skype or Lync.

My teaching interests are technology in the classroom, the theory and history of distance education, K-12 online teaching and learning, media in the classroom and games in the classroom. This does not mean that I am willing to teach other things, though.

As for research, I have worked with Peter Shea and his group in researching the Community of Inquiry framework. We have several collaborative publications under our belts. I am currently about to embark looking at student perception of self-assessment and the potential impact it has on cognitive presence.

I look forward to working with and learning from everyone!


I am the Manager of Online Education with SUNY Delhi. I started at Delhi last April, and before that I was 2 years in the Middle East managing eLearning projects and prior to that was an adjunct online faculty and instructional designer for many years (since 2004).

I have a Doctorate in Instructional Technology and Distance Education, and two Master degrees, one in Biology/Science teaching, and one in instructional leadership.

You can learn more about me at my professional site, and connect with me on LinkedIN, Twitter, FB, etc, from there as well:


Greetings from (currently, very cold) Upstate New York.  I have been working as an Online Instructional Assistant at SUNY Delhi for almost two years.  I am nearly finished with my B.A in English and plan to pursue a master's degree in Instructional Design and/or Technology.

I'm looking forward to learning and sharing with other members of this group!

My name is Shyam Sharma, and I teach writing and rhetoric at Stony Brook University.

I am originally from Nepal, and I still use the powerful technology of the small b blackboard -- alongside the new, big B Blackboard (equally effectively). The first teacher training event I attended, when I was 18, involved "Effective Methods for Using the Blackboard," and some of the details included: "say what you're writing on the board and make sure to pause and let students catch up, write only key details and use them to actually teach, use match stick pictures and drawing (even if you're not good at it) when appropriate ..." The same kind of careful thinking and rethinking about how, why, when, etc, continues to characterize my adoption and use of new teaching tools. I believe that teachers are pedagogically most effective when they are not just excited about technology but "also" critical, cautious, and responsible about using and requiring their students to use new applications. 

In my teaching at Stony Brook U, I've used Digication, Edublogs, social media tools (Twitter chats to connect the classroom with the world outside, Facebook for students to run private conversations that don't include me, etc), Google Docs (major tool whose affordances I actively explore/adapt for different types of writing courses) ... and, of course, Blackboard (the platform and a few tools in it). I completed a teaching online training many years ago but I've only have been studying the scholarship and following conversations (haven't taught a fully online course yet). I've extensively blogged, and recently guest-edited a journal, about MOOCs (I'm mainly interested in MOOCs' implication for international higher education). And I've been involved in a number of other communities that discuss teaching with technology. Most courses I've taught in the past decade or so have been "hybrid."

I'm excited to join this community as I look forward to teaching my first "fully online" writing course this summer. 

I am an economics professor and Director of our teaching center at SUNY-Oswego. I was one of the first instructors at Oswego to offer an online course in 1996 (or 1997?), but had begun using online resources in the early days of gopher and ftp sites. I was one of four faculty who participated in the pilot introduction of ANGEL here in 2006-2007 and am currently in the pilot group going through the transition from ANGEL to Blackboard.

I've offered classes in introductory microeconomics and labor economics every semester (including the summer) for nearly nearly 20 years through SLN/OpenSUNY. My online introductory economics class (since Fall 2014) includes a COIL collaboration with a class from Mexico.

When I am not teaching online, I teach a large f2f class of 400 students every fall, a senior seminar and a class in econometrics every spring, and a couple of introductory economics classes in the TIP program at Duke University every summer.

As a teaching center director, I organize and run 210-250 workshops on campus each year (and present about 80 of those myself).

I am also the chair of the FACT2 Mobile Technology task group on teaching and learning. We'll be beginning a webinar series next month.

Hi everyone,

Thank you for having me here as a "friend of SUNY"! I am a SUNY at Buffalo graduate, both for my BA in English and my EdM in English education. I also worked at UB as an IT Help Desk consultant and supervisor and at a small edtech company as a technical support person. Life happened after I graduated, and though I am certified to teach English 7-12, I decided to stay home with my kids and in the past few years have picked up a freelance writing career that has focused mostly on online education.

Through my writing I've become very interested in what's happening at colleges and universities across the US. Coming from both an education and a technology background, and having participated in many online communities over the years, I decided I wanted to steer my career goals toward instructional technology and design. Joining this community seemed like a great way to learn and I hope I can contribute in some way as well.

Greetings! I am a "friend of SUNY" who hails from Flagstaff, Arizona, where I direct NAU's First Year Learning Initiative and am a professor in the Department of Psychological Sciences. Alex P. graciously introduced me to the community by inviting me to speak at the 2015 SUNY COTE Summit about concepts from my book Minds Online: Teaching Effectively with Technology. To see more of my work, check out my page at https://nau.academia.edu/MichelleMiller .  Looking forward to learning with this great group!

I am the emerging technology librarian at SUNY Buffalo State. I am involved in an advisory in various technology initiatives on campus, along with developing new ways for the library to provide information services to our community. Currently my research interests include augmented reality, wearables, location based services, and mobile device management.

I'm a publishing professional, writer, editor and instructional designer with experience in teaching online. A compulsive Scrabble player and pretty awful water-colorist, I've had a home office for the last 15 years where I provide consulting services to writers of all stripes, but particularly academics, historians, labor agitators, educators, fiction writers, and health and medical professionals. I am an expert in evaluation design and qualitative research methodologies. 

My background--largely in academic publishing--and horizons were both fortified and expanded when I received my PhD in Curriculum and Instruction, (Research and Evaluation) from SUNY Albany. I also hold a Master's from U Mich in German Literature (go figure).

My company, Crossfield Writers, provides high concept writing support to business, government, labor, creative artists and academia. Concept development, proposals, policy documents, handbooks and workbooks, curricula, manuscript editing, web copy, grants, white papers, scripts, screenplays, and many other writing challenges are part of our extensive portfolio. 

I've spent the major part of the last 5 years working on teacher evaluation and development policy at the State and national levels, comparative effectiveness research in integrative medicine, and developing fiction manuscripts for a small press.I have written many online courses in public health and epidemiology, including anti-bioterrorism training. I have a strong interest in the use of narrative and narrative theory in instructional design. 

And I play a mean game of ping pong. 

Find me on Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shellyraffertywithers

Hi everyone,

I am the Assistant Director for Open SUNY COTE. I work closely with Alex and like her, I have been with SUNY for 15+ years now.  I started my career as an instructional designer in 2000.  In the beginning, we (SLN at the time) helped campuses build their first online offerings, then programs. My role was to train faculty and then support them directly.

My current efforts center around Course Supports and Competency Development in Open SUNY COTE.  My main projects of late have been the OSCQR rubric and the Instructional Designer Certificate Program.

Before 2000, I was a high school French teacher for 10 years (Cairo, NY) and a Middle School English teacher (NYC) before that.  I have been teaching French online for Cayuga Community College for the past 8 years.

In my spare time, I am a guitar player/singer in a local band.  I also enjoy playing baseball, biking, and carpentry.



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