I was asked how SLN campuses design and implement Course/Faculty evaluations of their online courses. I put the question to the ID community and these are the responses I collected. Thanks to all who responded. If you have something to add or edit, please feel free to add your comments to this discussion.

  • FLCC: Use ANGEL. Modified survey from f2f courses and approved by the union. It's done by creating a separate LOR for each department.   Links to the surveys are published to the courses. The link appears to students in the course learning modules area when the survey is published.  Faculty can't see results until they are released by the admin.  
  • Niagara County Community College uses the IDEA forms.  Only a few courses are selected each semester for evaluation.
  • Oswego: The survey lives in it's own LOR. Surveys are term specific in order to separate responses. Surveys are manually push to all courses with online course section suffix (ON). We could do it as a batch via some clever SQL query, but the eyeball method allows the identification of which course is the parent in a merge etc. They use ANGEL  to send a batch course mail message to all targeted students; They opt to send the copy to Internet mail to ensure it gets in front of students. They also populate an Announcements in ANGEL to alert students to the survey (manual, fairly tedious). The instrument itself seeks some basic demographic info (# of online courses), asks subjective comparisons ("compared to classroom courses, my learning is..."), asks about the clarity and organization of course materials, instructor communication and engagement, instructor involvement in facilitating learning, effect of peer students on learning, and some overall experience questions.  Once upon a time this instrument was rather fragmented with variations on certain types of questions, deployed by department. It has been cleaned it up, simplified and unified the questions based on our intent. It is likely to fragment again to some extent as their School of Business wants to align all their instruments regardless of delivery modality. An overall summative report is generated for all courses, and then distributed to faculty. They are considering self-service for this going forward, so that Faculty could  generate the survey report from their course- but not access the LOR directly. The survey is set with variables so that only 1 response per student per course is permitted, but students enrolled in multiple courses can submit from all their courses. It typically rolls out during exam week for about 7-10 days.  
  • JCC  uses a similar system to Oswego.  This is one of the reasons that they are very interested in Blackboard having a similar LOR process.
  • Jefferson has been using the IDEA form, http://www.theideacenter.org/, for all course evaluations.  They have a Blackboard building block that is integrated into their course template so that it is distributed to all our online courses.  Currently, only online courses take the survey electronically.  F2F classes still use a paper form handed out in class.
  • Schenectady CCC: are grappling with the issue of making such a survey “airtight” – thinking of FERPA. Survey Monkey tracks and displays respondents’ IP addresses, so it is conceivable that someone could learn the identity of a respondent.
  • Adinrondack: the nursing division does all of their evaluations in ANGEL for every section they offer, not just online sections.  The Business division also does course evaluations for all their online sections.The real issue is getting the students to do the evaluations.  In the face to face, they are a captive audience and they all do the evaluations because you have them right there.  Low online student response rate is an issue with online evaluations. 
    They put the evaluation in a LOR. They
     designed to only allow one evaluation per course per student. The 
    LOR is set to not allow next and previous navigation. They 
    create a cover letter page that links to the evaluation. They 
    publish the cover letter page as a link in the courses that they want them in (so that the faculty member does not have direct access to the evaluation itself.) They 
    check the box that also sends an ANGEL Mail to the students telling them where to find the cover letter with send copy to Email checked as well. The 
    use the reports features in ANGEL to tabulate the results.
  • Westchester Community College: is temporarily using a vendor product, but will shif to Blackboard’s built-in Enterprise Survey.  The Bb survey can send reminders out to students as well as post links in their courses.  The system tallies up the survey and puts a link in each instructor’s class for them to look at their class survey results.  There is also the provision for the dept chair or whoever manages such things at the individual campus to review the surveys and download the summary reports.
  • TC3: Student evaluations are conducted online through OnlineCourseEvaluations.com (OCE). Following this section is an image of the student evaluation form as well as a link to the OCE training website where you can become familiar with this process. These evaluations are completed each semester for full-time and adjunct instructors (fall and spring semesters only) as part of the ongoing evaluation of both classroom and online instruction. Full-time teaching faculty should refer to the current faculty association contract for frequency and number of student evaluations and observations visits. The student evaluations are processed in the Office of the Provost and will be available to instructors after the completion of the semester. These evaluations will now be accessed online by students through the myINFO interface, and will contain the questions as shown on the following page. Students will be expected to complete and submit the evaluation with a reasonable window of access during weeks 11-13 of a 15-week course; courses running for shorter periods of time will have different access dates published as necessary. With prior arrangement through the Dean of Instruction’s office and based on availability, faculty may schedule their classes to use a computer classroom for purposes of completing the evaluation. OnlineCourseEvaluations.com Training website: https://demo.onlinecourseevaluations.com/training/instructors.aspx
  • HCCC: uses an online survey developed on-campus in Frontpage as a web form.  The data collects in an Access database and a custom report was built to display the results.  The link to the survey, which resides outside of ANGEL, is then deployed to every currently running course via Course Announcements that encourages the students to take the surveys.  Most faculty can select 1 or more courses each term that they would like surveyed and can remove the announcement from courses which they do not want surveyed.  The way the form is setup though, students can elect to survey any course they want to.  Requested results are then sent to the individual faculty and all results are sent to the Associate Deans and Dean of Academic Affairs.  

  • Rockland: Is currently in the midst of applying the same faculty evaluations used for face-to-face faculty into our online courses.  They are working with our Institutional Research team to have the faculty evaluation done in survey monkey, add it to all the online courses as a link, then the evaluation goes back to IR for collating.

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