Hi all,

I'm wondering whether anyone can provide guidance on the OPEN SUNY tab on the OSCQR Rubric Action plan.  I notice it has a dropdown menu listing numbered priorities. What do these mean, and how do they relate to the text that appears in the rows (Important, Essential, etc)?

Any tips on what to do with this section would be appreciated!

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If I remember that correctly, the important and essential are kind of ranking prioritization of the different standards. Important is more of the good to do, whereas Essential is need to do. So in your screen shot, the two standards that are related to accessibility are Essential, and more design and somewhat subjective element is rated as Important. I think the dropdown on the column header that's currently set to Open SUNY let's you switch between different rating systems, and the Open SUNY version is how the folks from the Open SUNY ID team rated the elements, the OSCQR default. The other things in the dropdown can switch to other rating systems, although I've honestly never used that function in the rubric before. For example Campus 2 uses a Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 rating system instead of the Important-Essential scale.

Okay, that makes sense now. Thank you so much, Brandon!

Please be sure you are using the current version of the OSCQR rubric and Dashboard. you can download them here: https://oscqr.suny.edu/get-oscqr/

:) alex



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