This is a community intended for educational networking uses only by members of the SUNY Online Teaching Community of Practice, the State University of New York (SUNY), and non-SUNY friends and colleagues interested in sharing what they know about effective online teaching and learning, and technology-enhanced instruction.

Our purposes here are to share, explore, support, investigate, and document instructional, social, and institutional issues in online teaching and learning.

SUNY members: Please put your SUNY campus affiliation in your profile.

Non SUNY friends: Please put your educational institution/organization affiliation in your profile.


  1. Share what you know! The purpose and value in this community comes from its members and what they share. We are all learners here interested in continuously improving our practice.

  2. Please join us as an individual, not as an organization, campus, or institution. Please use your real name and join with one and only one username.

  3. All members are welcome to:
    -Share events
    -Start new discussion forums
    -Comment, ask questions, & make suggestions
    -Share photos, videos, links, opinions, problems, solutions
    -Submit a new group for approval
    -Submit a blog post for publication

  4. Please respect your fellow community members. Please maintain a respectful and professional tone in everything you share including all posts, comments, suggestions, and questions.

  5. Please use discretion and common sense when posting your personal opinions. Your president, your dean, your boss, the chancellor... anyone can read what you post here. The SUNY Online Teaching Community is a public network, and non-members are able to view and access posts, profiles, discussions, and comments.

  6. Please guard your personal information. We highly discourage members from posting personal information such as telephone number, home address, or other specific information that may make your location easily discovered by others. If you’d like to share such information with other members, we advise you to do so with care and only via the private messaging system. The SUNY Online Teaching Community cannot be held liable for any damages resulting from shared personal information.

  7. Any individual or organization that joins to advertise a service or product unrelated to online teaching and learning or educationally-focused discussions will immediately be "banned" from the network. Advertisements or solicitations promoted by posting messages, private messaging, or emailing members via the SUNY Online Teaching Community is unacceptable and will be subject to banning. This includes any form of excessive unrelated postings.

  8. Individuals or organizations who offer products or services that are related to online teaching and learning, or educationally focused discussions may join and contribute under the following conditions:
  • You may not  "pitch" your services to members, or anywhere in this community.
  • You must use your real name and join as an individual, not as the "company."
  • You may not post descriptions or pricing of your product or services in forum discussions or blogs, or in any unsolicited personal messages, community areas, or wall comments.
  • Your contributions to this community must be appropriate to our topics, inform the dialog, respond to issues/questions, and come from an educator's perspective. You may not sell your product or services here.
  • Under no circumstances should any commercial entity or commercial representative ever "friend" anyone with whom they are not already in contact.
  • If you are a vendor looking for a way to participate financially, or to advertise here, we do not accept paid advertisements.

If you become aware of any member or content that may violate any of these guidelines, or encounter any other issue of concern, please report it immediately to You can also do this privately by sending an email through links also found at the bottom of every page.

The SUNY Online Teaching Community reserves the right to edit or delete any inappropriate content posted by members. The views expressed by community members do not reflect those of SUNY, Online, the State University of New York, and/or their staff.

Violation of any of these community guidelines may result in banning. Please be advised that when a member is banned, all content that member has ever posted is deleted and can never be restored. This is also the case even if the ban is temporary.

Last updated by Alexandra M. Pickett May 20, 2020.


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