*Online Course Design

Be sure to check with your campus online learning office and/or online instructional design support services for campus-specific tools, resources, recommendations, policies, and processes.

Step 1: Draft a set of Course Information Documents

Step 2: Create a Logical Consistent Modular Course Structure

Step 3: Design Effective & Accessible Online Activities 

Step 4: Design Authentic Online Assessments (Cognitive & Teaching Presences)

Step 5: Develop Class Community & Interaction (Social & Teaching Presences)

Step 6. Asynchronous Interaction & Content Presentation (Teaching & Social Presences)

Step 7: Review & Get Feedback

  • Review your drafted course information documents and update them, especially the Course Schedule, Assignments, Grading Scheme, etc. Don't forget to spell check.
  • Check with your campus instructional designer for campus-specific course review processes.

Step 8: Teach Your Online Course

Step 9: Improve your course design OSCQR Review and Refresh


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