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Please use the mechanisms in this course as detailed below as a way to communicate with me! For general questions, use the "ask a question" links and areas provided throughout the course. Please reserve the use of course mail for issues that are personal/private in nature.


Alejandra M. Pickett


Please use the appropriate areas in this course for questions about the course and activities.

  1. Use the "ask a question" areas in the course and the course bulletin board as the primary means of contact. You can also use our Slack and twitter to contact me for quick response and communication.

    If you are very brave, and want to meet for a chat in SecondLife, let me know, and we can do that too : ) Alejandra Subagja in SL on the SUNY Learning Network island.

    I am exploring these communications tools and expect that you will check them out and use them to interact with me and with each other. Keep in mind that these tools are about contact and access. I don't guarantee that I will be online to respond 24/7. I do guarantee that I will be responsive and timely in my interactions with you.
  1. Use Moodle course messages only for private contact. The messages block is found on the course homepage. You will need to add me as a contact to send me a message. Add the Alexandra Pickett username as a contact found in the contact search in the messages area.
  2. In case of emergency, you can contact me at: alexandra.pickett@suny.edu |


    xxx.xxx.xxxx (Alex's voice mail)


    I'll log in to the course regularly.

    ----If you have a question about how to contact me, click the "ask a question" link below.

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    ask a question|

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