EXAMPLE: Course Materials

The following books provide references and additional reading material for this course:

Goffman, E.  Asylums: Essays in the Status of Mental Patients and Other Inmate (1990 edition).   New York: Doubleday. ISBN#: (CG010110N)

Golding, W.   Lord of the Flies.  New York:  Faber and Faber. ISBN#: (0072942827)

Gouldner, A.  Patterns of Industrial Bureaucracy:  A Case Study of Modern Factory Administration.   New York:  Free Press. ISBN#: (0072922702)  Required.

Leavitt, H.,  Pondy, L. and D. Boje  (Eds.).   Readings in Managerial Psychology (Fourth edition).  Chicago:  University of Chicago Press. ISBN#: (0072945930)  Required.

Perrow, C.   Complex Organizations:  A Critical Essay (Third edition).New York:  Random House. ISBN#: (AD72947119) Required.

You can order your required books online via the SUNY Empire State College Bookstore Website:


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