Review & Improve your Course

Keep notes on any changes you want to make to your course.

In anticipation of the evaluation and revision stage of your online course development process, you should keep notes during the teaching phase of your course. If your course development tool allows, create a private/hidden document within your course to keep any notes, reminders, or changes you plan directly in the course itself.

Notes on any issues or problems that emerge for you as you teach, or that are commented on by students can help in the evaluation and revision of your course.

As you teach,think about:

  • What is working?
  • What isn't? Why?
  • What could be improved? How?

Thoughts, general or specific, on the design, structure, pacing, and/or sequencing of the course, or of any of your activities should be documented for future reference. Use whatever mechanism is available to you in your course development tool to create and save a private document to keep a running list of notes, ideas, student comments, thoughts, plans, revisions, or changes you envision for any activities, or the environment.

Note: In addition, you may consider creating a similar "to do" document to track your thoughts and plans during the development phase of your course.


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