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An online "Learning Activity" represents what students actually do in the course, both on-and offline tasks and assignments. Whether they read a journal article, a textbook chapter, a lecture, write papers or essays, participate in discussions, take tests, give presentations, conduct surveys, do observations, conduct experiments--these are all learning activities.

The Teaching Online Pedagogical Repository (UCF's TOPR), is an excellent resource for examples of effective, engaging, learner-centered online activities and ideas. Think about instruction in this environment in terms of conversion. Rather than duplicating the traditional classroom environment, convert your online/remote learning activities to adapt to the options and featuresas well as the constraints and limitationsof the online synchronous or asynchronous environments. You may be wondering how to engage students, and keep them motivated and actively involved in your course in an online environment.

Some relevant questions to ask yourself when trying to design the learning activities for your course:

  • How do I normally teach? What do my students do?  What types of things do I do in my regular classroom, or teaching environment?
  • Do I lecture, give assignments, require students to read or produce presentations, work in groups, write, take tests, engage in discussions, perform experiments, or special projects?
  • Can my activities be converted and be effective learning experiences for my students, or do I have to re-conceptualize activities to achieve the learning objective in the online medium?
  • What features exist online that do not exist in a traditional classroom setting? Are they appropriate for the course I intend to create? Can they enhance my teaching or the learning experience?
  • What are the limitations and constraints of the online medium?
  • What do I expect my students to accomplish during the course? At the end of the course, what do they need to have produced or have learned? How can I design the learning activities to help my students develop the insights, understanding, knowledge, and ability that are essential to successful completion of my course? What kinds of learning activities in this environment will help them to apply their critical thinking to real world challenges?


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