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<< Remote Teaching Checklist

OSCQR 2-10

  • Contact: How will students contact you? How/when will you provide office hours & how do students schedule time with you? How will you contact students?
  • Objectives: What changes have you made to the course objectives?
  • Resources: What access, materials, and tools must students have to participate in your course?
  • Activities: What changes have you made to the course activities?
  • Assessment: What changes have you made in how students will be evaluated?
  • Expectations & Policies: What changes are necessary to your course policies or expectations? Netiquette, Plagiarism, Attendance, etc.
  • Schedule: What changes have you made to the course schedule?
  • Help: Where do students go if they need academic, technical help or accommodations?


Resources for students

Plagiarism - youtube playlist

Core Rules of Netiquette

Discussion Board Netiquette

Design Effective & Accessible Online Activities - Backwards Design & UDL.

  1. Design Authentic Online Assessments
  2. Develop Class Community & Interaction
  3. Resources to Present Content Online


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