Using Social Media for Professional Development

Knowing how to effectively use social media is a desired skill set for those who work in online education.

Using social media tools one can:

  • Build an online identity that has credibility & presence.
  • Leverage the social web for academic and professional purposes.
  • Engage in online social networking for professional development purposes.
  • Contribute to the online discourse in your field.
  • Publish original works.
  • Connect and network with experts in the field.
  • Keep up-to-date on changes in technology and what is known about how to use it well for instructional purposes.
  • Keep current on research regarding how people can teach and learn well online.
  • Develop and participate in an online community of practice for those who share an interest in online and technology enhanced instruction.
  • Learn to navigate the social web safely, so that one can guide/mentor others (students and peers).



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