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At 3:40pm on June 9, 2014, Alice Harrington Wilson said…

Hi Alex, thank you for the warm welcome. It was great to meet you at CIT. Once I add my picture to my profile you'll see that I'm Teresa Schichler's pal. I'm excited to be part of this group and learning more about instructional design.

At 12:10pm on May 14, 2014, Carol Reiser said…

Hi Alex! Thanks for the warm welcome. This is a great site. When I can get my head out of some of the grant proposals I'm working on, I'll fill in my content and regale you with my online teaching savvy (which is slim to none, but very creative!). But, as a lifelong learner, I take many online classes offered in many types of modalities. So, I expect my engagement will be more focused on sharing grant funding opportunities and information that I glean that is content appropriate.

Thanks a bunch!

At 9:47pm on May 12, 2014, Kamil Hamaoui said…

Thank you, Alex.  I look forward to my chat on Wednesday and becoming part of the COTE community.


At 1:53pm on October 26, 2013, Women mental health said…

Yes!! I am Francisca´s sister... Thanks for the great service!!

Valentina Capponi

At 4:07pm on September 11, 2013, Jeff Van Syckle said…

Thanks for the welcome! Good to "see" you too. I hope I'm able to contribute; I'll certainly try.

At 11:33am on July 2, 2013, Sewon Kim said…

Thanks for your warm greetings, Alexandra! Regards, Sewon

At 10:57am on December 12, 2012, MRF said…

Hi Alexandra,

I've done it. I'll be using Voicethread to teach a Lit course this Spring. I'd like to use my course (the good, the bad, the ugly, and the awesome) as an example of Web 2.0 tech in use for our faculty to see.

 I would love to pow wow with you about VT so that I can get up to speed quickly. This is a pretty exciting undertaking. You've used VT well and you've used it for a while. Yay. Help...



At 11:56pm on February 4, 2012, Vera Dugartsyrenova said…

Dear Alexandra,

I am also very excited about joining this community and having an opportunity to partake in this exchange of knowledge and experience on using instructional technology. 

It is great to come to know you as Alla Leonidovna's friend and one of the leading experts in the field of distance education. I helped Alla Leonidovna organize our biannual conferences on the applications of technology in language learning and intercultural communication, and it has always been a pleasure to see you present for us and kindly share your experience and enthusiasm with us.

Thank you for the link to your Voice Thread resource! It looks like an inspiring tool for your students that can help enhance the sense of belonging to a virtual learning community and set a non-threatening climate for online collaboration.

I would love to discuss the ways Voice Thread can be used in language teaching, especially for the purposes of promoting students' oral proficiency and listening comprehension skills (which is how I am trying to use it). I would be thrilled to meet with you when you come to Austin next week. What a coincidence, I should say!

Please let me know when you are going to arrive and what schedule you are going to have. I am on campus almost every day, and it will be a great pleasure to meet with you in person and share and reflect on our experiences using instructional technology and VT in particular.



At 5:40pm on February 4, 2012, Vera Dugartsyrenova said…

Dear Alexandra,

Thank you for your prompt response to my message and for welcoming me to this community! It is great to get in touch with you, as our research interests do overlap in a lot of respects, and I am familiar with your research on online communities and the ways of enhancing 'teaching presence" in distance courses.

You are right, I know Alla Nazarenko very well. She was my academic advisor whe n I was working on my Ph.D back in Lomonosov Moscow State. She is also the one who introduced me to the field of distance education and distance language learning, in particular. 

I am now researching the applications of media sharing sites such as Voice Thread in language learning. I hope I will have a good chance to learn from the members of this community, bring to the table and share what I know.

Thank you.

At 10:59am on February 3, 2012, Ann Giralico Pearlman said…

H Alex,

I was hoping you could help me with a question I have from Brockport. I heard that as part of our SLN membership we also have a Sloan-C membership. Can you let me know what level of Sloan membership we have. The Provost was asking about some of the training offered, and I need to find our the level, so we can judge cost.


Ann GP

At 1:03pm on November 21, 2011, Karen Skibba said…

Hi Alex,

Thanks for inviting and welcoming me to the community. I added info to my profile and hope to find others interested in collaborating.

- Karen Skibba

At 5:36pm on September 7, 2011, Edward Bever said…

Hi.  Thanks for your welcome to the community.  I'll put up some information about myself in the next few days, after I get my classes up and running and deal with a couple of minor emergencies with our distance courses :-)

- Ed

At 11:03am on August 9, 2011, Liz Ciabocchi said…
Hi Alex!  Glad to be invited to participate, and will work on my profile, etc.  Hope all is well with you!
At 10:23am on July 15, 2011, Amy Gaimaro said…
Hi Alex! Wonderful to meet you and enjoyed your presentations. Thank you for inviting me to join this network. I look forward to exchanging ideas about online learning! I'm very excited and thanks again...
At 12:30pm on May 3, 2011, Mary Hallett-Brown said…

HI Alex,

I finally found the time to invest in this site and feel it has a lot of value to the online community. Hope it grows with lots of sharing and collaboration.

At 9:44am on March 6, 2011, Ronald B. Woods said…

Hi Alex,

  It has been quite awhile since our last communication.  Good to see that your are still part of SLN and continue to be proactive.  I am anxious to begin reading what others have posted discussions.

   Ron Woods

At 4:41pm on January 23, 2011, Judy Brophy said…
Be glad to join the Twitter group. Do I have to be added or can I do it myself?
At 4:20pm on January 23, 2011, Judy Brophy said…
Thanks for the welcome, Alexandra. I am delighted to join such a fine group of thinkers and doers. I found it through twitter, by the way, and can't say enough about the ways that twitter has kept me connected and informed.
At 12:51pm on January 21, 2011, Amy Valente said…
HI Alex,
Thanks for the wonderful training session at CCC this week. I'm looking forward to implementing some tools in my online classroom!
At 9:03am on January 20, 2011, Shannon Kennan said…
Hi Alex,
Thanks for letting me join SLN. I'm always looking for new ways to plug into faculty development & instructional technology folks. Larry told me about this site - do you like it? Has it been meeting your needs/goals?
:) Shannon


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