HVXSilverstar — April 09, 2009 — The Virtual World Best Practices in Education (VWBPE) 2009 Conference in Second Life®
March 27-29, 2009.
PANEL: Multi-Campus Colleges and Universities in Second Life®
Moderator: Aquiel Aero
1. John2 Kepler (SL) Harry Pence (RL)
2. Hondomac Dalgliesh (SL) Ian MacLeod (RL)
3. LoriVonne Lustre (SL) Lorraine Storry Mockford (RL)
4. Alejandra Subagja (SL) Alexandra Pickett (RL) 5. Shannon Rutkowski (SL) Shannon Ritter (RL)
6. Marcius Dowding (SL) Larry Dugan (RL)
7. Crash Thibaud (SL) Terry Keys (RL)
"Many colleges like to describe themselves as a community of scholars. Small liberal arts colleges may approach this model, but the combination of distance and narrow disciplinary focus makes this difficult to achieve on many campuses. This is especially true for the multi-campus, statewide systems. In addition, on many campuses distance learning has created another barrier to integrating students into the community. The strong sense of presence in a virtual world like Second Life® makes distance irrelevant and offers the possibility of creating a community of scholars, even among those who are far apart. This panel discussion will involve representatives from three large systems, who will describe how their experiences in Second Life® have allowed them to overcome distance to create a community."
...from http://wiki.vwbpe.org
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